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Two aspects of vehicle maintenance and common sense of maintenance

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There are two main aspects to the maintenance of the vehicle. One is the mandatory maintenance provided by the repair station for you. On the other hand, some daily maintenance is done by the owner. The normal maintenance of the vehicle is related to the service life of the vehicle and the safety of the driver and passengers. Improper maintenance or use will cause vehicle failures and bring safety hazards. Therefore, in addition to the mandatory maintenance at the repair station on time, you should also do your daily maintenance work, which is beneficial to the “health” of the vehicle. Many users of Hainan Mazda’s vehicles have not experienced major failures after 600,000 kilometers. In good driving condition, it benefits from meticulous daily maintenance.

After purchasing the car, please read carefully the “Product Quality Assurance” and “Instruction Manual” that came with the car. There are detailed precautions and maintenance methods in the “Instruction Manual”. You should read and follow them carefully to ensure that the vehicle is always It is in good condition. The following is a brief introduction to the common sense of vehicle maintenance, hoping to provide you with some help.

XNUMX. Engine oil quantity inspection

Park the vehicle on a level road. Pull out the vernier to check the oil level. If the oil is within the two marking lines (F) and (L), it belongs to the normal range, and if it is lower than the (L) position. The specified type of engine oil should be added, and the liquid level after refueling cannot be higher than (F) level.

XNUMX. Engine coolant level inspection

When the engine is in the warm state, never open the radiator cover, otherwise you may be scalded by the spilled coolant or high-temperature steam. After the engine is cooled, check that the liquid level of the coolant should be between the full level and the low level. Otherwise, distilled water or pure water (mineral water cannot be added) or refrigerant should be added. The height of the liquid level after adding water should not exceed the full level. If it is found that the cooling fluid decreases rapidly in a short period of time, check the cooling system for leaks or go to the maintenance station for inspection.

XNUMX. Inspection of brake fluid level

If the brake is also between the high and low positions, it means normal. If the brake fluid is close to the lower limit or lower than the lower limit, it indicates that there may be a leak in the system or the brake shoes are worn too much, and you should go to the repair station for maintenance in time.

When adding brake fluid, pay attention to adding the same type of brake fluid to prevent damage to the cup, and pay attention to protect the paint to prevent corrosion of the paint surface.

Fourth, check the liquid level of the clutch master cylinder

The liquid level of the clutch is between the high and low liquid levels, it means it is normal. If it is lower than the standard line, the master cylinder or the sub-cylinder cup may be damaged. When the engine is running, it will be difficult or impossible to shift gears. Please go to the nearest maintenance station for inspection and repair immediately.

XNUMX. Maintenance and inspection of battery

Check whether the battery is firmly fixed, the electrolyte should be between the upper limit and the lower limit, and the electrolyte or distilled water should be added to the upper line in time when it is close to the offline. Keep the positive and negative cables of the battery in good contact, and keep the battery clean and dry. For vehicles that have been stored for a long time, remove the positive and negative cables of the battery, and re-wire the battery after a period of about half a month. After starting the engine for about 20 minutes, charge it in time if the battery is obviously insufficient.

Six, tire inspection

The tire pressure should be checked at room temperature every month. If it is lower than the normal standard, the tire pressure should be refilled in time. The air pressure cannot be too high or too low, otherwise it will affect the safety of driving.

Check the tires for cracks, and replace the tires in time if there is a safety hazard.

When choosing tires, make them the same model.

Seven, belt inspection

When starting the engine or driving the vehicle, the belt hums. One situation is that the belt has not been checked and adjusted for a long time, just adjust it according to normal standards. Another situation is that the belt is aging and needs to be replaced.

XNUMX. Inspection of the air filter

Dirty air filter will cause poor engine operation, excessive fuel consumption, damage to the engine, etc. When checking the air filter, if there is less dust and less clogging, you can use high-pressure air to blow it from the inside out and continue using it. The dirty air filter should be replaced in time.

Nine, spark plug inspection

Normal spark plug insulation ceramics are intact. There is no rupture and leakage phenomenon. When the spark plug gap is 0.8+-0.0mm, the spark is blue and strong. If an abnormality is found, the gap should be adjusted or the spark plug should be replaced.

XNUMX. Check the gasoline filter

If you find that the fuel supply is not smooth, check whether the gasoline filter is clogged, and replace it in time if the foreign matter is clogged.

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