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China Hardware Machine manufactures precision machined parts, including standoffs and threaded inserts for the injection molding industry. Our inserts are made from a variety of quality metals. We understand the importance of quality materials in the production and effectiveness of custom and standard inserts. We have the advanced machining methods and superior materials necessary to fabricate a part that will stand up to corrosion, and impact. We will provide consultation to determine the best insert material to use depending on the application and intended environment.

Insert Materials

  • Stainless Steel
  • Titanium
  • Aluminum
  • Brass
  • Copper
  • Tool Steels

Threaded inserts and brass inserts are available in a variety of sizes, from those made through micromachining to those up to two inches in diameter. We provide inserts with tolerances as close as .0002, making it easy for the industrial companies we work with to receive the machined parts they need.

We manufacture both standard and custom threaded inserts. We have on-the-job training and experience in insert fabrication and have worked with many complex insert productions. Our history in insert manufacturing enables us to employ knowledge from previous projects to create custom and standard inserts for today’s industrial requirements.

China Hardware Machine produces inserts that can be utilized in various industries including automotive, electronic, computer industries. Our inserts are installed in a variety of ways that are effective in different base materials.

Insert installation Methods

  • Manual or Press in
  • Heat Stake
  • Ultrasonic Installation
  • Molded in Installation.

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