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Operational Safety

Civilized Production

CNC machine tools are advanced processing equipment with a high degree of automation and complex structure. In order to give full play to the advantages of machine tools, improve production efficiency, manage, use, and repair CNC machine tools, the quality of technicians and civilized production are particularly important. . In addition to being familiar with the performance of CNC machine tools, operators must also develop good working habits and rigorous work styles in civilized production, and have good professional qualities, sense of responsibility and spirit of cooperation. The following points should be done during operation:

  • Strictly abide by the safe operation regulations of CNC machine tools. Do not operate the machine without professional training.
  • Strictly abide by the commuting and shifting system.
  • Use and manage the machine well, and have a strong sense of work responsibility.
  • Keep the environment around the CNC machine tool clean and tidy.
  • Operators should wear work clothes and work shoes, and no dangerous clothing or accessories.

Operating Procedures

In order to use the CNC machine tools correctly and reasonably, reduce the incidence of failures, and the operation methods. The machine tool can only be operated with the consent of the machine tool manager.

⑴Precautions before starting

  • The operator must be familiar with the performance and operation methods of the CNC machine tool. The machine tool can only be operated with the consent of the machine tool manager.
  • Before powering on the machine tool, check whether the voltage, air pressure, and oil pressure meet the working requirements.
  • Check whether the movable part of the machine tool is in a normal working state.
  • Check whether there is an offside or limit state on the workbench.
  • Check whether the electrical components are firm and whether the wiring is off.
  • Check whether the ground wire of the machine tool is reliably connected to the ground wire of the workshop (especially important for the first startup).
  • Turn on the main power switch only after the preparations before starting the machine have been completed.

⑵Precautions during the boot process

  • Operate strictly in accordance with the startup sequence in the machine tool manual.
  • Under normal circumstances, you must first return to the machine reference point during the startup process to establish a machine tool as a standard system.
  • After starting the machine, let the machine run dry for more than 15 minutes to make the machine reach a balanced state.
  • After shutting down, you must wait for more than 5 minutes before starting up again. If there is no special situation, do not start or shut down frequently.

⑶ Precautions during debugging

  • Edit, modify and debug the program. If it is the first piece of trial cut, it must be dry run to ensure that the program is correct.
  • Install and debug the fixture according to the process requirements, and remove the iron filings and debris on each positioning surface.
  • Clamp the workpiece according to the positioning requirements to ensure correct and reliable positioning. Do not loosen the workpiece during processing.
  • Install the tool to be used. If it is a machining center, the tool position number on the tool magazine must be strictly consistent with the tool number in the program.
  • Perform tool setting according to the programmed origin on the workpiece to establish a workpiece coordinate system. If multiple tools are used, the remaining tools will be compensated for length or tip position respectively.

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