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Things to know about the use and maintenance of electric vehicle batteries

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With the promotion of new energy vehicles, electric vehicles have increasingly become the darling of consumers, especially after the Tesla fire hit China, so how to maintain our car? Let me tell you the following editor!

One, maintenance should pay attention to the problem

1, the maintenance of electric vehicle batteries should also be maintained in time

The battery needs maintenance when the following conditions occur

⑴Long time charging does not change the green light

⑵The battery is hot while charging

⑶The battery capacity drops too fast

2, electric vehicle battery maintenance should be inspected regularly

During use, if the continued mileage of the electric vehicle suddenly drops more than ten kilometers in a short period of time, it is very likely that there is a short circuit such as broken grids, softening of the plates, and loss of active materials on the plates in the battery pack. Phenomenon. At this time, inspection, regeneration and assembly should be carried out in time. This can relatively extend the life of the battery pack and save money to the greatest extent.

3. Attention should also be paid to the maintenance of the electric bicycle battery: the battery should be installed firmly on the electric bicycle to prevent the battery from being damaged by vibration when riding; often remove the dust and dirt on the battery cover, and pay attention to keeping the battery dry and clean. Prevent the battery from self-discharge.

2. How to extend battery life

The battery of an electric vehicle needs to be replaced after a year or a half. How can the life of an electric vehicle battery be extended?

1. Firstly, do not overload or drive with overload (such as riding a bicycle with people or loading heavy objects, etc.). When the meter shows that the battery is insufficient during driving, you must use human power to ride, because deep discharge will greatly deplete the battery life.

2. Pay attention to the charging method. When the new battery is charged for the first time, it must take a long time to ensure that it is fully charged. For lead-acid batteries, regardless of distance, charge them immediately after use, and charge them as soon as they are discharged. Don’t think of charging until the battery is completely exhausted. If the car is not used for a long time, make sure to recharge it once a month. This not only protects the battery, but also prolongs its service life.

3. Try to avoid sudden braking. Frequent sudden braking will affect braking flexibility and consume battery capacity; the speed should not be too fast, the faster the speed, the greater the loss of the battery.

4. Do not use the motor to start the car directly when it is at a standstill. It is better to use the foot to start the car at the same time. When going up the bridge, going uphill, or driving against the wind, you must use the pedals to help avoid impact damage to the battery and affect the continued mileage and service life of the battery.

3. Daily maintenance knowledge of electric vehicle batteries

1. Check the outer shell, cover and sealing glue of the electric vehicle battery, and there should be no cracks.

2. Check the installation of the battery, it must be firm. The wire and pole tower iron connection must be firm

3. Brush the outside of the battery with hot water and wipe dry. Use a cleaning cloth or cotton yarn to remove the dust and sludge on the surface of the battery, wipe off the electrolyte on the battery cover, and keep the battery and connecting wires clean and dry

4. Check the pole pole, there should be no looseness. Remove the oxide on the pole and wire joints. It is strictly forbidden for metal shavings and other debris to enter the battery.

5 Check the starting cable, if it is damaged, it must be replaced.

6. Do not knock on the battery. This is because the lead plate in the battery is extremely low and very fragile. It cannot be beaten because of the poor function of the battery, which can cause the shell to break and the plate to damage.

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