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What are the precautions for the use of automatic lathes?

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The automatic lathe in the general sense is a high-performance, high-precision, low-noise automatic lathe, and an automatic processing machine tool that controls the processing program through a cam. In addition, there are also some CNC automatic lathes, pneumatic automatic lathes, and walking type automatic lathes. The basic core is that they can automatically process the same product for a long time after certain settings and adjustments. It is especially suitable for the processing and manufacturing of precision parts such as copper, aluminum, iron, and plastics. It is suitable for the manufacture of instruments, watches, automobiles, motorcycles, bicycles, glasses, stationery, hardware sanitary ware, electronic parts, connectors, computers, mobile phones, electromechanical, military and other industries. Batch processing small parts, especially more complex parts. Automatic lathes are widely used in mass production of parts in industrial production. They are generally used as special machine tools with special fixtures, which can greatly improve processing efficiency.

The precautions for the use of automatic lathes are as follows:

  •    1. Automatic lathes should avoid breaking the guide rails. If you need to put it on top, put the bed cover on the automatic lathe first, and put the tools on the bed cover.
  •   2. When not in use, the lathe must be cleaned and maintained to prevent chips, sand or impurities from entering the sliding surface of the lathe rail, causing the rail to “bite” or aggravate its wear.
  •   3. When sanding the workpiece, cover the bed under the workpiece with a bed cover or paper; after sanding, carefully wipe the bed surface.
  •   4. When using an automatic lathe to turn a cast iron workpiece, install a guard rail cover on the choke plate, and at the same time wipe off the lubricating oil on a section of the bed surface that the chips can splash on.
  •    5. Before using the cooling lubricant, the garbage in the automatic lathe guide rail and the cooling lubricant tray must be removed; after use, the cooling lubricant on the guide rail should be wiped dry, and mechanical lubrication maintenance should be added.

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