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Matters needing attention in summer car use

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As temperatures rise day by day, so do car-related heat illnesses. Cars use the so-called “three-point repair and seven-point maintenance”. How to drive safely in summer depends on how to maintain it. The maintenance of a car is actually the same as that of a person. It should be done at ordinary times. Don’t be like some people who go to the hospital when they can’t support the disease. It will be a bit late. The same is true for people and cars!

Oil inspection

The oil includes: oil, brake fluid, booster oil, transmission oil, antifreeze.

Oil: Regularly replace the oil filter, especially in summer, because the outside temperature is high in summer and the engine load of the air conditioner is heavy, and the oil is easy to deteriorate. Use summer oil or season oil.

Brake fluid: Check the brake fluid regularly after driving 15,000-20,000 kilometers. The brake fluid level will decrease with the wear of the brake pads. The high outside temperature in summer will affect the brake fluid level.

Antifreeze: Now the car requires four seasons to add antifreeze, anti-boiling, anti-scaling.

Booster oil and transmission oil: Check the oil and oil quality.

Inspection and use of tires

Always check the tire pressure. As the temperature and the temperature of the road surface gradually increase, the tire pressure is easy to rise during high-speed or long-distance driving, causing a tire blowout. For safety, please check the air pressure frequently and keep it within the standard range.

Always check the tire pattern, the depth of the tire pattern directly affects the braking performance, drainage and vehicle driving comfort.

Spare tire inspection, most people will ignore the inspection of the spare tire. Always check the spare tire pressure (slightly higher than normal) and pattern.

For the use of tires, do not increase the air pressure in summer, check the pattern, and shift the position regularly.

Battery inspection and use

The role of the battery: supplying power to the starter, ensuring the vehicle’s power consumption when the generator is not working or when the power generation is not enough, and at the same time it can balance the power supply of the whole vehicle.

Classification of batteries: There are mainly ordinary batteries and maintenance-free batteries. Most cars are equipped with maintenance-free batteries.

Battery inspection: Wipe clean the dust, oil, white powder, etc. on the panel and pile head, which are easy to cause leakage. In this way, the battery is often scrubbed, and the pile head of the battery will not accumulate white acid-etched powder. Add water to the battery and check the electrolyte level frequently, and add distilled water if necessary. Check the generator output (normal 13v-14v).

The use of batteries; do not install heavy-load electrical equipment, do not use heavy-load electrical appliances in the state of parking/turn off, turn off the electrical appliances before stopping and turn off the flame, and then idle for one minute.

Concerns about engine temperature

Generally speaking, the temperature of an engine cooled by water is around 85 to 90 degrees Celsius, and anything beyond this range will have an impact on the engine. When driving in summer, pay special attention to the water temperature gauge. The normal temperature should be in the middle of the water temperature gauge (for those without a water temperature gauge, only pay attention to whether the red light of the indicator light is on). Excessive temperature (oil will become thinner, engine lubrication is not good, piston ring sealing is not good) will affect the performance and life of the engine, and will damage the engine in severe cases.

Reasons for high temperature; poor engine cooling water circulation, insufficient/non-rotating fan speed, internal reasons of the engine (water pump, scale, thermostat, gasoline, ignition, etc.), engine load, air intake blockage, etc.

High temperature prevention; add antifreeze and replace it regularly, regularly check the antifreeze liquid level, check the working condition of the fan, check the working condition of the water pump and the belt, and regularly clean the dust and insects of the radiator of the water tank.

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