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Talking about the little knowledge about car maintenance

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Car maintenance knowledge is important to both new and old car owners. In order to serve you better, here are some maintenance tips for you.

Not only the engine oil and three filters need to be changed regularly, but for some cars whose engines have not been cleaned and maintained for a long time and the road conditions are bad, simply changing the oil can no longer keep the interior of the engine clean, so engine cleaning is necessary.

For normal driving vehicles, it is also necessary to clean and maintain the engine when driving to 40,000-50,000 kilometers. If the gasoline or lubricating oil is not pure, it will accelerate the wear and tear of parts, resulting in oil leakage, reduced oil supply pressure, and oil circuit blockage. If the cooling water is not pure, it will increase the scale of the cooling system, prevent the engine from dissipating heat, and accelerate the wear of the components.

To ensure the supply of oil and water If the gasoline supply is insufficient, it will make the car difficult to start, poor combustion, and reduced power. If the oil supply is insufficient, the engine will be poorly lubricated and components will wear faster. If the cooling water supply is insufficient, the temperature of the machine will be too high, the power will be reduced, and the wear and tear will increase.

Engine coolant, recommended replacement interval: 2 years


  • 1. Cool the engine and take away extra heat
  • 2. Prevent coolant system corrosion, freezing and boiling

Consequences of not changing:

  • 1. Reduce the anti-rust effect
  • 2. Corrosion of engine block cooling water pipes
  • 3. After the water freezes, the engine will be damaged more seriously

Automatic transmission fluid, recommended replacement interval: every 50,000 kilometers

Function: Contribute to transmission power transmission, lubrication and cooling

Consequences of not changing:

  • 1. Fever and accelerate aging
  • 2. Vibration, noise, shifting is not smooth
  • 3. May reduce acceleration performance and mileage.

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