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Aluminum Machining

China Hardware Machine, engineers are experts in aluminum machining. Precision aluminum machined parts and assemblies utilizing aluminum resources are a common and cost-effective choice. Aluminum is a soft, lightweight, affordable material. It is also corrosion-resistant which is of vital importance in the numerous industries we work with.

Industries Served

  • Medical
  • Dental
  • Defense
  • Electronic
  • Automotive
  • Military

Precision machined parts made of aluminum are lightweight yet strong which is ideal for many high-tech industries. Special techniques and equipment are employed for aluminum machining in order to achieve the highest accuracy rating. At China Hardware Machine, we understand the specific processes for the highest quality aluminum machining. We also maintain our machining jobshop in the Los Angeles, California area with top-of-the-line equipment that properly machines a variety of materials.

Machining Processes

  • CNC Turning
  • CNC Milling
  • Swiss Screw Machining

The correct aluminum machining technique is determinant upon the tolerance required, the part applications and production size. We work with you to prepare your aluminum machined parts for assembly.

On Time Aluminum Machining For Any Job Size

Our machining shop is perfectly suited for aluminum machining projects. Our years of precision machining experience allow us to complete your project on time, the first time, and every time.

Whether you need a prototype or short run aluminum machining project or a large run of machined parts, China Hardware Machine can deliver the most demanding and precise specifications on time. We regularly work with aluminum machining for the medical and dental industries, where precision is essential, and we know how to meet the most exacting machining specifications.


  • Durable and lightweight aluminum machined parts for the military industry
  • Intricate aluminum parts for the medical industry
  • Affordable aluminum machining for the automotive industry
  • Corrosion resistant products for the defense industry

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