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About us

Sipxmach is a manufacturer of customized metal parts with leading technology in the Chinese industry. It has passed ISO9001-2015 quality certification and relies on ISO standards to formulate detailed quality operation procedures, which better proves that we can achieve high-quality products and perfect sales services. Always maintain the quality level expected by customers to achieve the goal of making products more competitive.

Focusing on on-demand manufacturing services for metal parts for 20 years, the sales network covers 58 cities and countries around the world, maintaining an annual growth rate of 25%.

Our goal is to build strong relationships with you – by supplying quality goods of metal stamping parts, Custom precision parts, Aluminum die casting(UAV ceramic cylinder block) part at the right price, with outstanding levels of client service.

Work with me like your own eyes keep looking at your production during the whole process from you place the order to you get the parts. Our value-added services, and strategic sourcing program will save you time and money in the production process — PLEASE CONTACT US, and say goodbye to your headache with bad supply chain.

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