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Defense Machining

The defense industry relies on the most advanced techniques to produce intricate, high precision parts. China Hardware has the experience and equipment to create screw machine products and components with the accuracy required in the aerospace market. We successfully completed complex parts for NASA and other defense related companies who are leaders and innovators in air and space.

Machining Utilized for the Defense Industry

  • Precision CNC Machining
  • Aluminum Machining
  • Titanium Machining
  • Micromachining
  • Swiss Machining

The China Hardware machining jobshop is equipped with machines for aerospace machining. We utilize CAD/CAM technologies to execute precision CNC machining and screw machine products. We use multi-axis CNC machines for our aerospace precision manufacturing. A state of the art machining facility enables our staff to complete aluminum machining and titanium machining. Our employees have the expertise necessary to ensure the accuracy of screw machine products and precision CNC machining that is required for defense industry components.

Jobshop Inspection Equipment

  • 50 power Mitutoyo comparators PH 350
  • 3 ft. by 6 ft. granite inspection surface plates
  • Etalon Super Mics
  • 70 Power Mitutoyo Digital Microscope
  • 70 Power Microscopes
  • Mitutoyo I.D. Micrometers
  • Mitutoyo Surf Test 401 profolometer

The defense industry parts we manufacture include minute, complex components to large, machined parts. We use only the highest quality of the titanium, stainless steel and aluminum materials required. Regardless of the complexity, size, or tolerance required, China Hardware has the experience, knowledge, and advanced jobshop to complete the project successfully.

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