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The automotive industry is increasingly demanding high-strength bolts

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Regarding the current situation and future of China’s automotive bolt enterprises, Chen Guangzu, a member of the China Automotive Industry Advisory Committee and a senior expert in the Chinese automotive industry, expressed his views. It is not absolutely difficult for Chinese companies to develop and produce high-strength bolts. Chen Guangzu told reporters that in recent years, the automobile industry has more and more requirements for high-strength bolts, and the difficulty of the production process has also increased, but this does not mean that domestic fastener companies do not have the ability to produce high-strength bolts, but It is whether these companies are serious about doing it.

Chen Guangzu said that the production of high-strength bolts, whether it is raw material supply or consistent production, is no longer the most cutting-edge problem in the automotive industry, and related equipment and technical processes can be improved as soon as possible through various means. It is difficult to achieve mass production of domestic high-strength bolt products. One of the key reasons is that the enterprise’s test data accumulation is insufficient, and the enterprise has not made enough efforts. Taking the bolt surface treatment process as an example, when the bolt material is different from the material of the fixed parts, it is necessary to add a coating to the product to ensure sufficient friction and prevent the bolt from corroding and falling off. This seemingly simple coating process requires enterprises to accumulate Numerous test data.

In addition, in the automotive bolt industry, we should not only focus on high strength, but also high precision, such as the ultra-small bolts used on engine fuel injectors. High strength and high precision are the development directions of the automotive bolt industry.

Looking at it now, domestic fastener companies should adjust the product structure in a timely manner, change the production mode, and learn from the production methods of the Japanese bolt industry. In Japan, a bolt enterprise is likely to have only a few people, which is a production model composed of machinery and manual work, and the business is relatively single, only making certain kinds of bolts or responsible for a certain process of producing bolts. A number of such enterprises are connected in series to form a complete bolt manufacturing industry chain. Such enterprises are very professional and keep improving their products.

Some enterprises in Zhejiang have a collaborative approach that is closer to the Japanese production model. Chen Guangzu said that these enterprises cooperate according to the upstream and downstream relationships of the industrial chain, and each enterprise is responsible for a link of production, such as cold heading, heat treatment, etc., and even product packaging has a special enterprise to operate, this way of collaborative work is the biggest The maximum degree of specialization in the production process is guaranteed, and the quality of the products is improved.

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