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Precautions for car sticker

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Car stickers can show individuality and beautify the body. For this reason, many car owners will choose to paste personalized car stickers for their cars, but many car owners do not know the precautions when pasting car stickers. The following editor will give you a brief introduction. .

Now, many car owners will paste personalized car stickers for their cars. However, many car owners will encounter many problems when they paste them by themselves. If we don’t know these precautions, it will be time-consuming and laborious. The following editor will give you a brief introduction. Here are some things to keep in mind when sticking car stickers.

Things to note

Note 1: The car owner must clean the car before sticking the car sticker on the car, and then carefully tear off the wrapping paper of the car sticker. Remember not to bring a lot of dust or grit into it, so as to avoid unnecessary unnecessary damage to the car owner. trouble.

Note 2: Summer is the peak season for thermal insulation paper. The temperature in the sun or inside the car is very high. It is inevitable to open the air-conditioning sticker in the car. In order to prevent the dust of the items in the car from flying around quickly, the air-conditioning must be removed when the paper is removed. Adjust the wind speed to the lowest, and turn on the high wind speed after the paper is attached to the glass.

Note 3: In order to avoid the entry of air bubbles, the owner must be careful when sticking the sticker on the car. If the position is found to be much different after sticking it, and then moving it will touch the surrounding objects and the sand in the mud tank.

Note 4: If there is no big mistake after pasting, it is recommended that the car owner must not rework it easily. The more times the car owner lifts it, the more sand and dust particles will enter, which is not worth the loss.

Note 5: Do not wax the car a week before dressing up your car, the wax will make the sticker sticky; do not wash the car within three days after it is pasted, and do not stick it on rainy days.

Reminder: According to the “Implementation Regulations of the Road Traffic Safety Law”, spraying, sticking signs or advertising on the body of motor vehicles shall not affect safe driving and observation of the road. Therefore, car owners should not paste them arbitrarily when pasting car stickers.

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