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Precautions for car maintenance in warmer weather

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Now that the temperature is gradually rising, what should be paid attention to when maintaining the car in such a season? After the introduction of service experts, the following seven points are summarized:

**Point: car body needs care

In early spring, the climate is dry and windy and sandy, and the sand and dust can easily enter the engine compartment cover, so it is necessary to clean up the dust around the engine in time, and pay attention to the fine sand particles on the paint surface when wiping the car to avoid scratching the body. It can be said that it is a good solution to seal the glaze for the car.

The second point: the “heart” needs to be maintained

Long-term use of the engine will form a thick layer of carbon deposits, corrode the rubber parts in the engine, and affect the normal driving of the car, so it is necessary to clean the engine in time.

The third point: sterilize the car

The temperature gradually rises in spring, which is the season when all kinds of bacteria grow and grow. Therefore, special attention should be paid to the anti-bacteria in the car interior to keep the cab dry and hygienic, especially for car seat cushions, floor mats, steering wheel covers, and air outlets. It is necessary to do a good job of cleaning the dead corners to keep the interior environment of the car dry and tidy.

Fourth point: wipers should be taken care of

The increase in spring rain will inevitably make the wipers take more responsibility. The owner can place the wiper switch at various speed positions, pay attention to whether the wiper has vibration and abnormal noise during operation, check whether the wiper maintains a certain speed at different speeds, observe the state of wiping, and the wiper rod. Whether there is uneven swing or leakage phenomenon.

Fifth point: tire deviation prevention

Car tires are one of the most hard-working parts, so after returning from a long-distance drive, you must do a systematic overhaul of the car tires to see if they deviate. If they deviate, you must do a four-wheel alignment.

The sixth point: the oil should be clean

When the weather is getting warmer, bathe the intestines of the car. If the oil used in the car is not suitable, the winter lubricating oil of the engine and transmission should be changed to the summer lubricating oil.

Seventh point: brake fluid to be checked

Most car braking systems are dual-pipe vacuum-assisted hydraulic braking. It is worth noting that the brake fluid that transmits the braking force is extremely absorbent. If water enters the brake fluid, the high temperature generated by friction will vaporize the water during braking. The gas is compressible, and when it is compressed in the brake fluid, it will cause brake failure or even failure. If the brake fluid has a small amount of moisture before the rainy season, it can be dangerous.

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