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How to maintain car sunroof in summer

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With the warming of the weather, the sunroof of the car, which has been put on hold for half a year, finally comes into play. The sunroofs that have not been used for a long time made a dry rubbing sound during the opening process, and some even got stuck in the middle of opening. How did that happen? How should we maintain and use this little piece of sky above our heads?

The reason why the sunroof has not been used for a long time makes an unpleasant noise, that is because there is too much dust and grit on the slide rail, and the track is seriously lack of lubrication. We can complete the maintenance of the sunroof by ourselves. We only need to fully open the sunroof, wipe the dust and stones on the sunroof slide with a clean soft cloth, choose a lubricant that is not sticky and difficult to absorb to lubricate the drive track of the sunroof, * then completely close the sunroof and open it several times. Wipe off excess lubricant with a soft cloth. Such simple daily maintenance is completed.

We need to pay attention to the following points in daily use:

1. For electric sunroofs, on bumpy roads, it is best not to fully open the sunroof, otherwise the vibration between the sunroof and the slide rail will cause deformation of related parts, and even damage the motor.

2. Pay attention to the waterproofness of the skylight. The sunroof is sealed by a rubber sealing ring. Pay attention to the dust-proof of the sealing ring during use, especially in winter or after a long distance, be sure to use a dusting duster to clean it frequently. In addition, you must be careful not to forcibly open the sunroof when the sunroof is frozen, as this will damage the motor of the sunroof. In the windy and sandy season, a sponge should be used to clean the sealing ring every two months.

3. Before the vehicle is ready to park for a long time, it is necessary to thoroughly clean the sunroof track with talcum powder to avoid the appearance of aging caused by chemical reaction of the sealing ring in the air for too long.

4. In the process of washing the car, avoid using a high-pressure water gun to directly aim the water column at the sealing ring. In this way, it is not only easy that the sealing ring is deformed under the pressure of the high-pressure water column, but water enters the vehicle, which will also damage the sealing ring to a great extent.

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