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High-tech equipment inventory of smart cars

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Laser headlight

The light emitted by laser headlights has only one wavelength, which means stronger light intensity and light-gathering performance. Laser headlights combined with matrix LED light technology can improve safety while saving energy. BMW previously announced that it would use laser headlight technology for the first time on the BMW i8. Coincidentally, Audi also recently released its Sportquattrolaserlight concept car equipped with laser headlight technology.


Lidar is the core technology used in ACC (Active Cruise Control) that realizes automatic control of vehicle speed and other automatic driving in the future. The irradiated laser and its reflected light can recognize the surrounding shape in real time in three dimensions. It can also be compared with map information to infer the current location. Google’s self-driving car has driven thousands of miles on the streets of a small community on the outskirts of Mountain View, California, at a speed of about 35 mph.

SMS lock system

With the rapid development of in-car entertainment information technology, the hidden danger of distracting driving has gradually emerged. Sprint has introduced an innovative tool that can lock the SMS function while the vehicle is driving. The device is inserted into the vehicle panel through the on-board OBDII diagnostic interface. It can lock the SMS and web browsing functions of the smartphone connected to the in-vehicle system. At this time, if the mobile phone receives the text message, it will be stored, and the owner can read it when parking.

Pedestrian detection technology

General Motors is currently developing a brand-new pedestrian detection technology that enables the car to automatically make evasive actions when the driver has not detected a pedestrian or other road users in front. The system is based on the Wi-FiDirect network. It does not transfer through a shared road signal base station, but uses a point-to-point wireless network mode to enable smart phones to directly obtain information.

Automatic lane change technology

BMW and its supplier Continental are currently preparing to conduct a large-scale road test for a new technology that will allow the vehicle to automatically change lanes without relying on the manual intervention of the driver. They hope that this technology can be applied to mass-produced cars within 3-5 years. In addition to BMW, car companies such as Audi and Mercedes also hope to add more advanced functions to the current driving assistance system. Automatic lane changing technology enables vehicles to complete automatic lane changing and overtaking functions on uneven high-speed roads.

“Driver’s consciousness exploration” technology

At the 2013 Los Angeles Auto Show, Toyota launched a “driver awareness exploration” concept car DAR-V. Through the touch screen installed on the side window glass of this car, the driver can get traffic, weather, appointments, etc. before departure Information, and even mark the location of gas stations passing by in the road section. Through the remote control, multiple planned tasks can be planned on the car window display.

Automatic parking

The automatic parking system can be regarded as one of the components of the automatic driving technology system. Large car companies such as Ford and Volvo have all introduced similar technologies this year, and even parts manufacturer ZF has also introduced its parking applications. Imagine that you are driving into a parking lot, and there is only one parking space left. When you park in the car, there is no room to open the door. In this case, with Ford’s fully automatic parking assistance, the driver does not need to be in the car, and the vehicle can enter or exit the parking space 100% automatically.

Gesture Recognition/Somatosensory Technology

Not long ago, Google announced that it had applied for a patent for a gesture-based self-driving car. This has further promoted the application of self-driving cars. This gesture-based autonomous vehicle patent can adjust the air-conditioning fan speed, air-conditioning temperature, radio volume, wiper, driver’s seat, and window glass position according to the driver’s gestures.

intermodal navigation

The intermodal navigation system will analyze the real-time traffic conditions. When the surrounding traffic is extremely congested, it will remind the driver to adopt a more convenient transportation method to reach the destination. In addition, the system will also mark the bus stop closest to the current location. While providing optional public transportation, the bus schedule will be compared with the current time, so as to provide drivers with * time-saving solutions.

Smart watch

Mercedes-Benz launched the Pebble smart watch product at the 2014 Consumer Electronics Show and launched the matching DigitalDriveStyle application. The Pebble smart watch is equivalent to the “second display” of the driver’s smartphone. This innovative wearable device unveiled a new way to configure the connected car. For example, when the driver is outside the vehicle, he can obtain information such as the remaining amount of fuel, door lock status, and vehicle location from the Pebble watch.

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