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Exploration on the processing of aluminum alloy micro-lubrication technology

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Aluminum alloy material can be used as a raw material for many parts processing, so it is often processed into parts of various shapes, which are realized through various processing methods such as sawing, turning, milling, and drilling. Aluminum alloy processing has the following characteristics:

1. Aluminum alloy has low hardness

Compared with titanium alloys and other quenched steels, aluminum alloys have lower hardness. The HRC hardness of ordinary aluminum plates are generally below HRC40 degrees. Therefore, when processing aluminum alloy, the load of the cutting tool is small. Because aluminum alloy has better thermal conductivity, the cutting temperature of aluminum alloy is relatively low, so it is suitable for high cutting speed.

2. The phenomenon of sticking knife

When processing aluminum alloy, the sticking phenomenon is serious, the chip removal performance is poor, and the surface roughness is also high. Solve the sticky knife, the quality of the processed surface will be improved.

3. Cutting tools are easy to wear

Inappropriate cutting tool materials and lubrication methods will cause tool sticking and chip removal problems when machining aluminum alloys, which will lead to accelerated cutting tool wear.

The traditional lubrication method of aluminum alloy processing is pouring emulsion, but the problems of sticking knife and poor surface quality in aluminum alloy processing cannot be solved by this lubrication method. At the same time, the emulsion also causes environmental pollution and increased costs. Based on the characteristics of aluminum alloy processing, we can choose a suitable lubrication and cooling method to optimize the cutting performance of aluminum alloy, improve the production efficiency of processing machinery and the quality of processed parts, reduce manufacturing costs and improve the ecological environment. People are focusing on micro-lubrication technology. .

Micro-lubrication technology-MQL is a technology that mixes a small amount of lubricating oil mist particles into the compressed air to replace the cooling and lubrication of the cutting fluid during metal cutting, and the lubricant used is non-toxic, degradable, plant-based Lubricant. MQL is a green manufacturing technology. During the cutting process, high-speed suspended oil particles are sprayed to the cutting point, which increases the permeability of the lubricant, improves the lubrication effect, and improves the surface quality; the amount of lubricating oil is between 5-50ml/h (The number of nozzles set according to the needs is the main factor determining the consumption), which is one ten thousandth of the cutting fluid. The advantages are: reduced lubricant costs, workpiece drying without cleaning process, no waste liquid treatment, improved processing environment, etc.

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