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Car maintenance: Analysis of the strategy of tire battery air-conditioning

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Automobile tires have “age”. Even a brand-new tire will age if stored for more than four years, because the main material of the tire is rubber, and the characteristic of rubber is that it will age after long-term use or storage. Tyres can affect the performance of the vehicle, and in the worst case, a puncture accident can endanger lives.

It is very simple to identify the production date of a tire. A string of 4 digits can be found in the tire near the wheel hub. The first two digits indicate the production week and the last two digits indicate the production year. If the car is mainly to replace the tires, you must see the production date clearly when selecting.

In addition, car owners must not blindly upgrade their tires, otherwise it will cause safety hazards. After determining the tire specifications, you must choose tires with the same pattern to ensure the safe use of the upgraded vehicle. If the tire wear degree, structure and specifications are inconsistent, it will not only affect the service life of the tire, but more importantly, it will cause the brake resistance of the car to be inconsistent. When the car needs to brake at high speed, the resistance of the tires is different and the force on the four wheels is uneven. , It is very easy to cause traffic accidents caused by vehicle out of control.

It should be noted that when upgrading tires, it is best to replace all four tires at the same time. If you can’t replace them at the same time, at least keep the left and right tires the same, so that you can avoid sideslip caused by the difference in friction between the left and right tires when you brake suddenly.


In car maintenance, the maintenance of the battery is also very important. If you develop bad habits, it will shorten the service life of the battery or cause damage.The battery life is generally 2 to 3 years.If the user privately installs some electrical appliances that did not exist before, such as a subwoofer, it will cause excessive use of the battery.

Nowadays, there are more and more electric devices in cars, so when car owners use these electric devices, try not to overload the battery.Taking power windows and sunroofs as examples, car owners should complete their lifting and closing before the engine is turned off , because if the engine is turned off, power generation will be stopped. At this time, raising and lowering the windows will increase the load on the battery, which is likely to cause damage to the battery. damage.

The car lights are the same. If you want to turn off the fire, there is no special need. You should turn off the headlights first, then turn off the fire. When you start the car at night, you should also turn on the headlights first to minimize damage to the battery. If you let the battery work when the engine is stopped, you must prevent the battery from losing power, because if the battery loses power, it is easy to cause damage to the battery. If the power loss is serious, the battery will be scrapped in advance.

Air conditioning

Car air conditioner evaporator, fan, etc. have been in a closed and dark state for a long time, and the internal environment is hot and humid. After the impurities, dust, bacteria, and viruses in the air enter the inside of the air conditioner, they bond with the condensed water and block the evaporator and other components. Over time, a lot of dirt, nicotine, mold, fungus, etc. adhere to it. Molds and fungi will multiply quickly and produce rotten odors of organisms. These odors will be mixed in the air-conditioning when the air conditioner is turned on, polluting the entire interior of the car, and often make drivers and passengers feel uncomfortable.

Before using the air conditioner, it is recommended that the car owner clean the air conditioner pipe and the evaporator. At present, there are three ways to clean the car air conditioner in the car service market:

One kind of washing method is disassembly and washing. The disassembly and washing method is very troublesome, time-consuming and laborious. In the process of disassembly and washing, it is easy to cause damage to the air conditioner;

The second method is steam cleaning. This method was popular in the past two years. However, since steam cleaning air conditioners can easily damage the circuit boards on the car, there are fewer and fewer steam cleaning car air conditioners;

The third method is to clean with air conditioner cleaning fluid. Because the cleaning fluid has a unique chemical composition, it has strong decontamination ability in the automobile air conditioning system, keeps the inner wall of the evaporator and condenser clean, and inhibits the generation of dirt, thereby effectively improving the heat exchange of the evaporator and condenser The efficiency and the fluidity of the refrigerant achieve the effect of rapidly reducing the temperature of the air outlet and making the air-conditioning more sufficient.

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