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Turbocharged vehicle driving skills

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For the same two cars, one is marked with a T logo at the rear, which gives the feeling of pushing back when starting to shift up, especially when running at high speeds, not to mention how cool it is. This kind of vehicle with T is what we call turbocharged. But can you drive a turbocharged car? Or do you drive like a normal car? If you have poor driving skills, improper use of turbocharging, and careless maintenance, you can be careful to destroy the car.

Turbocharged vehicle driving skills

1, the vehicle starts

Does a turbocharged car need a hot car? Turbocharging can only show its power when running at high speed. In this case, the turbine needs to be protected by lubricating oil. When the car is cold, all aspects of the oil index have not yet reached the protection stage, and the lubrication effect has not yet been manifested, so the temperature must be raised to the normal operating temperature. In this process, it is necessary to let the engine run at idle for a few minutes in the first few minutes of driving, and then step on the accelerator to make the engine run at a high level to exert the effect of turbocharging.

2, the vehicle turns off

After driving and parking, we habitually turn off the engine and pull out the key. Don’t worry about turbocharged cars. The temperature of the turbine at this time is still very high, and even after the flame is turned off, the turbine is still running due to inertia, but it still needs oil to continue to lubricate it for protection. Think about it if the flame is suddenly turned off, it is like suddenly the air is blocked, and the breathing is still going on, then the feeling of holding your breath must be uncomfortable. Turbine is the same, relying on natural cooling will drastically reduce the life. So, just let it idle for a while, and then turn off the engine.

Turbocharged vehicle maintenance

1. It is a good habit to keep a car for regular inspections. Check the appearance frequently to see if the sealing ring is damaged, and if the oil inlet pipe and oil return pipe interface are loose or leaking. Whether there is oil left in the exhaust port. Whether the turbocharger has abnormal noise or abnormal jitter. Achieve early detection and early maintenance.

2. Use high-quality engine oil for maintenance. For turbocharged cars, choose fully synthetic engine oil as much as possible during maintenance, so as to better ensure the cleanliness and protection of the engine. In addition, it is necessary to replace the engine air filter in time to prevent dust and other impurities from entering the high-speed rotating turbocharger impeller.

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