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Things to know about tire and belt maintenance

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I believe everyone often hears about puncture accidents or traffic accidents caused by tires that are not replaced in time after aging. The most effective way to avoid incidents is to check and replace the aging tires in time.

The main material of tires is rubber, and rubber products have a certain service life. According to the official statement of the tire manufacturer, the life of the tire should generally be within two years or the vehicle has driven 60,000 to 80,000 kilometers.

Tyres must be checked frequently, especially the long-term driving conditions of the car owners are relatively bad. This work is very important and cannot be ignored. After all, poor driving conditions have a serious impact on the life of the tires. In this special situation, the car owner needs to check the tires regularly. If the tires have worn to the limit prompting mark or the sidewalls are found to be bulged, it is recommended that the car owner change the tires in time.

In addition to puncture accidents caused by tire aging, incorrect tire pressure is also an important cause of puncture. Therefore, car owners should also develop a good habit of checking the tire pressure on their own. In addition, it is recommended that car owners equip themselves with a simple tire pressure gauge and check the 4 tires and tire pressures every 1 month, so that the car owner has a bottom line in his mind. .

The timing belt is made of rubber material, which will gradually age with the increase of the engine working time. The vehicle generally travels to about 80,000 kilometers or within 2~4 years (the specific replacement period depends on the manufacturer’s regulations). The replacement is comparative Suitable. If the timing belt is worn, cracked or deformed due to aging, and the owner does not replace it in time, the consequences may not only cause damage to the engine parts and cost the owner a lot of maintenance costs, but also life-threatening things.

In addition, we especially remind those car owners who only drive more than 10,000 kilometers per year, they often only pay attention to the number of kilometers the vehicle travels and ignore the replacement period of the timing belt (if the driving time is less, then even if the mileage is not reached for five years after driving, It must be replaced to avoid the aging of the timing belt caused by breakage), * eventually lead to the phenomenon that the timing belt has been used for too long and not replaced in time. The consequences of this small negligence can be imagined.

Once the timing belt is damaged, the valve and ignition will stop working, and the engine will not work. In severe cases, the valve rod will be bent and the piston crown will be dented. In severe cases, the cylinder head will be damaged. If this happens, the engine needs to be overhauled, and the economic loss of this overhaul will be even greater.

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