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The sawing machine adopts oil-air lubrication technology

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At present, the cutting of sawing machine is widely used in industry, but the lubrication of sawing machine nowadays mostly uses a large amount of emulsion to be poured between the raw material and the saw blade to play the role of lubrication and cooling. Although the operation is simple, the lubrication used here The liquid requires a complete and reliable filter system, which virtually increases the cost of the sawing machine itself. Moreover, the long-term use of the emulsion needs to be environmentally friendly after the replacement, and the manufacturing cost is increasing year by year.

With the increase in the implementation of national environmental protection policies, sawing machine users also feel that the reform of saw blade lubrication methods is imminent. If the lubrication method cannot be changed, not only the production cost will continue to increase, but the environmental protection cost is also a large part. In order to better protect the saw blade, extend the life of the saw blade, and at the same time reduce the damage and replacement frequency of the saw blade, it is necessary to choose a more advanced lubrication method.

And the oil-air lubrication technology is especially suitable for the application on the sawing machine, which not only saves the filtering equipment that the sawing machine itself needs to be equipped with, but also saves space. Moreover, the oil-air lubrication method is adopted, the consumption of lubricating oil is very low, and there is no waste, so there is no need to carry out post-treatment of the lubricant.

After the sawing machine adopts oil-gas lubrication technology, it can bring good economic and environmental benefits to the enterprise, and it is a good choice for sawing machine processing enterprises.

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