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The life span of a car depends on how the car owner “maintains the car”

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The life span of a car depends on how the car owner “maintains the car.” What is the key to keeping a car? There are three main parts: the engine, the chassis, and the tires are the key core parts of car driving. So how do we “raise” them? The editor of Guigang Used Car City will discuss this issue with you.

First of all, the maintenance skills of the engine. As oil prices continue to rise, various fuel-saving oil products, from engine oil to auxiliary additives, have begun to receive widespread attention from car owners. Owners know that the resistance caused by the friction of engine components will consume a lot of energy, so more and more car owners choose to add high-quality fully synthetic motor oil to their cars. Compared with ordinary mineral oil and semi-synthetic oil, the viscosity change of fully synthetic engine oil is minimally affected by the weather, thereby reducing the wear of engine parts and saving fuel consumption.

In addition, various auxiliary additives with fuel-saving functions are also welcomed by the majority of car owners. Combustion aids can increase gasoline octane number, anti-wear agents can reduce engine dry friction, and detergents can remove fouling from the fuel supply system, ultimately achieving the effect of improving fuel efficiency and reducing frictional resistance. Qualified additives generally save 5%-15%.

Secondly, the maintenance of the chassis should be paid attention to and should not be neglected. Usually, car owners neglect the chassis. When oil leaks or deformation of the chassis are found, the chassis is already rusty. For this reason, early to make a chassis armor for your car is the best way to prevent the chassis from rusting. Chassis armor is not a layer of iron armor on the chassis of a car, but a special elastic colloidal material is sprayed on the surface of the chassis, which can prevent rust, wear, shock, and reduce noise, just like putting on a solid armor on the car chassis. The chassis has since been “invincible”. This is also the most effective chassis protection measure at present.

After   *: The details of tire maintenance cannot be ignored. It is like a human shoe, wearing a pair of comfortable shoes can go farther. In the past, car owners had almost no tire inspection and maintenance. It was not until the tire broke down or even caused a traffic accident that the car owner realized the importance of tire safety. In recent years, with the improvement of maintenance awareness, car owners have begun to attach importance to tire safety. In addition to tire pressure testing, many car owners have developed a good habit of doing four-wheel alignment and dynamic balancing every six months. Some car owners have installed TPMS (Tire Pressure Monitoring System) on their vehicles, allowing precise electronic sensors to check tire safety.

The above three components are the core parts of keeping a car. As long as the core components are well maintained, the car’s lifespan will be prolonged. Therefore, keeping a car is also a technical meticulous job, and we should put more effort in this aspect.

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