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Talking about the Three Misunderstandings about Methanol Vehicles

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After having survived the largest smog that has ravaged half of China’s history, people are eagerly looking forward to controlling the sudden smoke of automobile exhaust pipes and reducing PM2.5 in the atmosphere. Experts believe that the development of energy-saving and environmentally-friendly vehicles such as methanol cars Is a good way to solve this problem. Related studies have found that the use of 100% methanol for cars will reduce PM2.5 emissions by more than 80% compared with traditional powered cars. However, people still have three misunderstandings about methanol cars to be clarified.

Misunderstanding one, methanol is mostly produced from coal and cannot be regarded as a new energy source. Peng Zhigui, honorary chairman of the National Alcohol Ether Fuel Committee and deputy head of the Shanxi New Energy Vehicle Leadership Group, believes that China’s energy structure is rich in coal, poor in oil and less gas, and the raw materials for methanol production are mostly high-sulfur, high-ash and low-quality coal. Such coal accounts for 40% and 50% of the country’s total reserves. It could not be used as a primary energy source before and was wasted in vain. The coal-to-methanol process is simple, easy to implement, low-cost, suitable for China’s national conditions, and can maintain methanol for more than 250 years. Therefore, the energy significance of vigorously developing coal-to-methanol is no less than developing a new energy source.

Misunderstanding two, methanol is toxic and not suitable for large-scale promotion. Methanol, like gasoline, is a moderately toxic substance. However, practice has proved that it is safe to use methanol fuel as long as the operating procedures are strictly followed. Wu Yuequ, general manager of Shanxi Wharton Industrial Co., Ltd., said that the company has regularly conducted physical examinations for front-line employees of methanol fuel deployment, fuel delivery, unloading, inspection, and transportation in the past 10 years. The results found no health problems caused by exposure to methanol fuel. Abnormal. At the same time, in the process of tracking storage and transportation, production, sales, use, and maintenance services, no health damage caused by the use of methanol fuel was found.

Misunderstanding three, the corrosiveness of methanol is harmful to the engine.

Methanol as a vehicle fuel is indeed corrosive, but after more than 30 years of development of methanol vehicles, these problems have been basically solved. Peng Zhigui said that by replacing some materials of the oil system, adding a small amount of corrosion inhibitor to methanol, using special lubricants and special pumps, etc., the corrosion and wear problems of methanol fuel can be solved.

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