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Mold equipment is an important part of automotive equipment

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Due to the high precision, good consistency and beautiful appearance of products formed by molds, they have been increasingly used in the manufacture of structures and interior parts of equipment such as ships and high-speed trains. In addition, the production process is achievable, large-scale, material-saving, and energy-saving, so the mold is often hailed as the mother of modern industrial production. Therefore, in order to become an industrial power, it is necessary to increase the training of mold talents.

In order to realize the dream of making a powerful country in my country, the mold must go first. “The Secretary-General of the International Mold Association pointed out that from the die-casting of the cylinder block of the heart generator of the automobile to the stamping parts of the automobile body, from the hot-pressing die of the new material super-strength steel plate, to the localization of the core parts of the automobile, all need to be driven by the mold. It can be said that Mold equipment is an important part of automobile equipment.

In the home appliance industry, the importance of the mold industry is also increasingly apparent. For example, the manufacture of a refrigerator requires 150~200 molds, an air conditioner requires about 50 molds, a washing machine requires about 60 molds, and so on.

In terms of people’s livelihood, in fact, molds in industries such as aerospace, which are related to national strategic security, also play a crucial role. Now the aerospace manufacturing field has put forward more requirements for lightweight. How to meet this demand, it is necessary to do homework on sheet metal equipment and interiors.

According to incomplete statistics, there are 200 sets of molds for interior parts alone, and the output value of mold parts can reach 100 million yuan. At present, China Mould Industry Association is organizing relevant enterprises to conduct research and development on the material selection, product structure analysis and design, mold design and manufacture and final product assembly technology for interior parts, so as to realize the industrial application of the complete set of interior parts technology.

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