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Structural contradiction between demand and supply of auto parts market

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The growth and renewal of car ownership lags behind, leading to an increase in the demand for parts. National car ownership *50. More than 10,000 vehicles. If the average annual consumption of parts for bicycles is 1300 yuan, the country needs 6.2 billion yuan for repairs. Such as adding 1 billion imported auto repair parts. Excluding the factor of about 1718 in the price increase of accessories in 1988, the total consumption of accessories is still 6.2 billion yuan.

Of course, the annual consumption of repair parts for a bicycle is low at 1,300 yuan. In addition to the lag in the renewal of cars, in recent years, if there are 50,000 fewer replacements every year, some repair parts for old models have been relatively increased, and the price has risen in the first half of this year. And other factors, the total consumption of automobile repair parts nationwide in 1990 was estimated to be more than 7 billion yuan (including factors such as profitability). The smooth coexistence of auto parts reflects that the structural contradiction between demand and supply will become more prominent. Professional companies operating repair parts are facing a severe situation. The main reason is that the inventory of the sales system is aging, the marketability is low, the satisfaction rate is not high, the funds including foreign exchange quotas are tight, the urgently needed domestic and imported parts cannot be purchased, and the inventory cannot be sold. The price increase last year and this year and the decline in the quality of some accessories had a certain impact on sales in 1990.

According to the estimation of the East China Auto Parts Joint Committee Information Group, the East China parts market trend is: Jiefang, Dongfeng and other medium-sized car parts sales are relatively stable, and most of the imported car models are promising. In the absence of genuine parts, domestically produced parts are still selling well; most of the mini-cars are in the maintenance period, and the demand for parts is large, and many varieties are in short supply. The sales of heavy-duty and medium-sized diesel vehicle parts will rise steadily. Car parts, Jeep parts and horizontal products are still selling well, but the demand is slowing down.

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