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Snow tire stud introduction

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The cleat is a tire accessory directly embedded in the surface of the tire to increase the tire’s anti-skid ability and safety performance while making the tire more beautiful. The style and function of the cleat are also available for users to choose. Currently in Northern Europe, North America, Russia and other regions It is especially widely used, mainly suitable for areas with long winter time and thick accumulation of ice and snow. In addition, such high-risk driving methods as cross-country and competitions that require driving in various uneven and bad road conditions also require cleats. protect.

Different types of cleats can be used for different tires. The tires of any vehicle can be specially designed for it. There are even cleats designed for hiking boots. However, there are many options for anti-skid measures for shoes. The cleats do not have absolute Therefore, the application of cleats mainly includes cars, motorcycles, bicycles and so on.

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