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Replace replaceable parts with assembly parts for maintenance

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The prime time of the domestic repair parts market is roughly the middle of the third to the eighth years. However, in the first year or two of the import of new cars, parts manufacturers should grasp the information and make early decisions. This period happens to be a period of preparation for occupying the market. Therefore, the competent departments and the production and supply departments should strengthen publicity, and the relevant parties should also adopt certain trade protection measures to restrict imports. In recent years, due to the hot demand for cars, the activities of assembling cars with assembly parts have been banned, so all kinds of assembly parts have been hot-selling commodities. In addition to assembling cars consume a large amount of assembly parts, the user department does not act according to economic laws and does not respect science and technology, and replaces replaceable parts with assembly parts for maintenance. This is also an important reason for the high consumption of assembly parts. We believe that assembly parts and basic parts should be included in a unified import plan, but imports must be strictly controlled, and should be managed by professional departments.

Automobile factories in Western countries must constantly update their products in order to satisfy consumers’ purchasing psychology of seeking novelty and difference. This will inevitably lead to the fact that imported cars have many variants and poor interchangeability of parts. If domestic manufacturers blindly follow the changes in imported models to produce repair parts, they will never catch up. The other side of this conclusion is that we have to replace imported products for repairs with our own designed products. Because any country’s production plants must consider the interchangeability of new and old products under certain conditions when designing new products. This is another general rule implemented by designers. We can design our own small assemblies in accordance with this general rule, so that the installation dimensions have greater interchangeability under certain conditions, and the internal components of the assembly are completely interchangeable, and production batches can be formed. Guarantee the need for maintenance.

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