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Reasonable use of oil, lubricating oil and cooling material for Steyr type vehicles

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When the oil change in winter does not cause wax precipitation in time, pyrolysis kerosene can be added to dissolve the desorbed wax to reduce the freezing point of diesel. High-freezing point diesel will have a certain impact on the vehicle when it is used in a low-temperature environment. The fuel line of Steyr 91 series cars is made of nylon-11 plastic material and cannot be roasted by fire.

China has a vast territory with large temperature differences between the north and the south. In winter, when long-distance transportation is carried out between the north and the south, in addition to choosing diesel based on the *lowest temperature in the area, the temperature of the area should also be taken into consideration, so as to replace it in a suitable area in advance. Brand of diesel. In addition, when you need to replenish fuel on the way, it is best to go to the state-owned gas station to refuel to obtain light diesel that meets the national standards. When refueling, you can also observe it from the appearance. If the diesel is not in the right color or is too viscous or too thin, you can add less or not to avoid damage to the engine.

Engine Lubricants WD615 series engines have high requirements for lubricating oil due to their high compression ratio, high working temperature and high explosion pressure. WD615 series engines require APICD grade 15W/40 grade lubricating oil (supercharged type) and CC grade 15W/30 grade lubricating oil (non-supercharged type). In use, lubricants of different brands can only be replaced, not mixed. Usually, when adding lubricating oil, you should try to choose products from the same manufacturer, so as to avoid the different lubricating oil composition of different manufacturers, which may cause deterioration after mixing and cause poor lubrication.

The engine lubricating oil should be replaced according to the normal maintenance cycle, that is, after the initial drive and when performing the first, second, third, and fourth level maintenance (self-priming type and supercharged type). If the engine is running under severe conditions, its oil change period is stipulated. The oil change period of the engine under severe conditions (km), but the lubricating oil must be replaced if the following conditions are found during engine operation.

NThere is water in the lubricating oil, which will corrode the internal parts of the engine. The easy way to determine whether there is water in the lubricating oil is to take a small amount of lubricating oil and drop it on a metal plate to heat it. If evaporation occurs, accompanied by a slight explosion sound, it proves that it contains moisture and should be replaced.

n Lubricating oil deterioration Whether the lubricating oil has deteriorated, the simple way to judge is: drop the used engine oil on a piece of white water-absorbing paper (such as toilet paper) and observe the change. If a whole drop of oil appears dark brown , And there are no particles, it means that the lubricating oil has deteriorated and should be replaced.

n Lubricating oil is thinning to determine whether the lubricating oil is thinning, you can take a drop of the used lubricating oil and the new lubrication separately, and drop them on the same glass plate, then tilt the glass plate to observe the flow rate, if the lubricating oil being used is newer The flow rate of the lubricating oil is much faster (slightly faster is normal), indicating that it becomes thinner and should be replaced.

N When the engine has a bearing burning accident, or a part of the engine is severely worn, and there are a lot of metal chips in the lubricating oil. Transmission and drive axle lubricants Steyr 91 series automobile transmission and drive axle lubricants should be ASE85W/90, and the oil change period can be referred to. The lubricating oil for transmission, transfer case, and drive axle should be replaced at least once a year.

Coolant Steyr 91 series cars use glycol) water antifreeze coolant when they leave the factory. It is added to the closed cooling system of the WD615 series engine. As long as there is no leakage at the joints of the pipes and there is no problem with the water pump water seal, it can ensure that the engine does not need to add coolant within 12 years. When the engine undergoes seasonal maintenance in winter, the antifreeze performance should be checked. If it does not meet the requirements or has been used continuously for 2 years, it should be replaced. In addition, different brands of antifreeze should not be mixed, so as to avoid chemical changes caused by different formulations, precipitation or corrosion of mechanical parts.

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