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Rationalization of personnel dedicated to auto parts

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Storage of commonly used accessories. Ideally, most of the accessories should be stored in groups, such as: brake group, cooling group, fuel system group, rear axle group, suspension group, etc., which step on the natural ecology and make the mountains and forests bald. , The green land is deserted, the soil erosion is serious, the trees are not shaded, the vegetation cannot store water, and the water flows wantonly. Because of the loss of the role of natural vegetation, the water flow is rapid, the flow is large, the time is short, and the impact is strengthened, which increases the possibility of destroying the bridge. Therefore, ensuring the ecological balance of the natural environment, increasing the coverage of vegetation, and reducing soil erosion are very important for protecting the safety of highways and bridges.

Special order parts In some cases, the parts department does not have the parts required by the customer. It is unrealistic to try to store all the parts. The key issue is how to properly control the inventory, and the special order parts are a kind of proper inventory control. Way. The procedure should be equal to the three types of customers in the parts department, but it is necessary to keep the maintenance department aware of the changes that affect the special order parts, such as: the status of the special order parts, changes in the ordering process, and price changes. It is conducive to the planning and organization of the maintenance department, giving maintenance customers a definite completion time, reducing customer complaints and increasing satisfaction.

When special order parts are stored, all special order parts should be labeled and stored in a certain location in the storage area of ​​the parts department, so that it can be convenient to receive and store; when the customer arrives at random to pick up the goods, quick delivery can be guaranteed. Be careful not to store special accessories and general accessories together, so as to avoid mis-sales or unnecessary misunderstandings after other customers see it. The special order accessories storage area should generally account for 2% to 3% of the total storage area.

As long as the special order parts arrive, the person in charge of the corresponding parts department should immediately do one of the following two tasks by telephone or telegram: one is to contact retail or wholesale customers to receive the goods; the other is to notify the technical supervisor of the maintenance department, In order to estimate the completion time of the maintenance work and notify the maintenance customer.

The special order accessories are stored in the special order accessories storage area for no more than 30d. If the goods are not picked up after 30d, they will be transferred to the normal storage area and participate in the sale. Additional support function for the maintenance department This function is also a major measure to ensure the smooth flow of accessories. In most cases, the main customer of the accessories department is the maintenance department. The telephone system, the setting of the accessories counter, and the arrangement of employees should meet the needs of the maintenance department. It is recommended to consider the following questions: assign at least one counter staff, and this person should be one* Staff with experience or comprehensive knowledge, their main responsibility is to provide technicians with spare parts and order spare parts; establish the spare parts department working hours that meet the operation requirements of the maintenance department.

Smooth information flows out for competitive purposes. The manager of the parts department should investigate the local market in time to determine its inventory and price. The goal should be to provide the same or even better service at a consistent and competitive price. This requires them to make full use of the overall situation they have, and strive to win the majority of customers through advertising.

The liaison between the managers of the parts department is a necessary prerequisite to ensure the successful operation of each department. The frequency of contact depends on the specific circumstances of each department, but at least one contact must be made every week. The theme is to plan parts requirements, sales activities and overall goals. The managers of the parts department and the maintenance department should meet once a day to report the maintenance situation in the factory, the order of parts, the personnel relationship between the maintenance and the parts, the price changes of the parts, and discuss the advertising and promotion items and the service level of the parts department.

The accessory department manager must attend a meeting about accessory sales at least once a week to set accessory prices, inventory inventory, and discuss promotional activities. These activities have effectively ensured the smooth flow of information, facilitated the decision-making of the responsible personnel and always had a “grounded” reply when contacting customers, and left the customer with a “reasonable” impression.

The image of the auto parts department The image of the auto parts department is firstly reflected in the static images such as facades, layouts, displays, and facilities; secondly, it is reflected in the “dynamic” image composed of human factors, which is specifically reflected in the enterprise Every detail in the running process. In fact, the latter has a greater impact on customer satisfaction in the auto parts department. As the key contact between the auto parts department and customers, the counter staff plays an important role in satisfying various customers. Under normal circumstances, the influence of counter staff on customer satisfaction exceeds that of the accessories department itself. For example: the counter staff quickly and accurately deliver parts to the technicians, provide the maintenance manager with information about special parts in a timely manner, and be familiar with the ordering process of special parts will leave customers with “quality service” and “high credibility”. And the impression of “satisfaction”.

Conclusion To establish a professional, effective and fast auto parts department centered on the construction of customer satisfaction requires a lot of careful and meticulous planning and preparatory work, and systematic and rigorous training of management and other staff should be carried out in practice. Only by gradually grasping the essence of customer satisfaction construction as the center can we be invincible in the increasingly fierce competition in the auto parts market.

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