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Pre-determined practice in the vehicle door

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The characteristic of ratchet door lock is that there is a set of wedge-making mechanism composed of lock hook pawl and ratchet wheel inside the lock as shown in the figure. When designing the linkage mechanism of the door lock device, it is necessary to determine the size of each rod and check its displacement to ensure that the displacement of each joystick is within an appropriate range, and at the same time to avoid interference of each rod during action.

Ratchet lock hook, pawl, door handle, lock button, lock cylinder, door handle, structure diagram, ratchet door lock structure, design requirements for glass lifter, glass lifter design requirements, smooth lifting, reliable work, no impact and blockage when designing the glass lifter Phenomenon, the operation without rolling noise is light and labor-saving. It has a brake mechanism to prevent the lifter from reversing when the glass is pressed by hand. Types of glass lifts There are many types of glass lifts, and most of them are arm-type glass lifts.

The typical components and principle of action of the arm lifter are as follows. The brake mechanism to prevent the glass lifter from turning upside down. This kind of mechanism usually adopts the spring-expanded-coil friction principle. Generally composed of components such as brake drum, brake spring, transmission shaft and linkage disc. Balance mechanism. The main element is a flat spiral torsion spring.

When the handle is shaken to lower the glass, the spring is tightened to store the potential energy of the glass falling. When the handle is shaken again to lift the glass, the spring releases energy to balance the glass top dead center bottom dead center corner glass gravitational moment characteristic spring characteristic diagram glass crystal torque characteristic and spring construction characteristic diagram transmission mechanism. The transmission mechanism includes a pinion gear, a sector gear and a transmission arm.

In order to avoid interference between the door and other parts of the body when the door is opened, the hinge axis should be moved as far as possible and close to the outer surface of the body. However, once the body shape curve is determined, the outward movement of the hinge axis will be restricted by the requirement of increasing the distance between the upper and lower hinges. In general cars, the distance between the upper end of the upper hinge and the lower end of the lower hinge is about one, and most of them are kept at the left and right sides. Due to the shape of the car body, sometimes the hinge axis tilts inwardly to facilitate the layout of the picture, and make the door have a tendency to close automatically.

After determining the position of the hinge axis, it is necessary to perform a motion check to check whether the door is at the maximum opening and whether it interferes with other parts of the body such as the column door or fender. Check the actual gap shown in the figure. So as to verify whether the design of the position and shape of the door opening line is reasonable. The position of the lifter in the thickness direction of the door shall be determined on the side layout drawing of the door.

At this time, based on the center line of the glass, the distance from the installation plane to the center line of the glass can be determined according to the size of the bottom plate installation plane to the roller or chute on the lifter assembly drawing. A platform stamped out of the inner panel of the door guarantees this distance. The inclination or shape of the glass centerline is mainly determined by the shape requirements, which affects the thickness of the door and the width of the vehicle compartment.

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