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Oil mist lubrication for deep hole machining

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Deep hole processing is the processing of holes with a ratio of hole depth to diameter of 5 or more. In the machining industry, more holes are processed, but the service life of the drill bit and the quality of the processed holes are difficult to guarantee in the processing of deep holes. Improving the service life and processing efficiency of drills is the research direction of hole processing. On the one hand, deep hole processing must choose suitable drills to improve processing quality. On the other hand, to choose a suitable lubrication system, the ideal lubrication method can improve the life of the cutting tool and the surface quality of the workpiece.

In deep hole drilling processing, traditional lubrication technology will use a large amount of cutting fluid pouring to achieve lubrication and cooling. Such a lubrication method requires a large amount of cutting fluid, and the cutting fluid will be splashed on the equipment and work site, which is harmful to the environment and the body. Will cause adverse effects. In the cutting process, it is difficult to reach the machining surface even with high-pressure cutting fluid, which greatly reduces the cooling and lubrication effect. The cost of recycling and disposing of cooling waste fluid is getting higher and higher, and the problem of cutting fluid lubrication methods is becoming more prominent. The oil mist micro-lubrication cooling method is suitable for new types of processing and can avoid the problems of waste oil recovery and pollution. At the same time, the reliable lubrication effect improves the surface quality and prolongs the service life of the drill bit.

The emergence of drills with internal cooling holes and the use of oil mist lubrication make oil mist deep hole drilling more reliable. The adapted solution also allows the deep-hole drilling micro-lubrication technology to play a better role. The deep-hole drilling micro-lubrication system has been widely used in crankshaft oil holes and engine cases in the field of automobile machining.

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