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Oil-air lubrication should be adopted for chain drive lubrication

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Chain transmission is very common in mechanical transmission, but sometimes the importance of chain lubrication is ignored. Therefore, the service life of the chain is affected. The increase in replacement frequency directly leads to an increase in the cost of chain use. chain

After adopting oil and gas lubrication, the chain cost is reduced.

The low service life of the chain is due to insufficient internal lubrication, which leads to internal wear and corrosion, which causes the chain to twist and loosen. The centrifugal force of the chain will throw off the lubricating oil attached to the surface when the chain is running at high speed, resulting in a reduced lubrication effect. If the chain is operated in a humid and dusty environment, dust and moisture will enter the chain, causing the chain to wear and corrode.

In order to increase the service life of the chain and reduce the frequency of replacement, it is necessary to choose a more ideal and effective lubrication method. The Doppsey oil-air lubrication device can provide great help in improving the lubrication effect and prolonging the life of the chain. Statistics show , When using oil-air lubrication, the service life of the chain increases several times.

The use of oil-air lubrication for the chain can not only reduce the wear and replacement frequency of the chain, but also save maintenance costs. The benefits obtained are incomparable with the traditional lubrication method of applying grease. Therefore, oil-air lubrication is a better choice for chain lubrication. .

The lubrication method of the chain is very important, but the choice of lubricant cannot be ignored. The chain has the following requirements for lubricants:

1. Excellent permeability

2. High adhesion performance

3. Excellent lubrication performance

4. Good anti-oxidation stability

These properties play a very important role in the lubrication of the chain. The chain oil-air lubrication device is a consumable oil-air lubrication system, which is an oil-injected lubrication in terms of lubrication method, and adopts an air-air mixed injection method. Automatically spray a small amount of lubricating oil. The spraying position should be on the inner side of the chain link, just at the link of the chain plate. This lubrication method is effective for high-speed transmission chains and has better uniformity. Jet lubrication can penetrate chain pins, bushings and rollers more well, which is an economical and effective lubrication method.

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