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Multi-benefit micro-lubrication machining

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Micro-lubrication technology is a technology that sprays a small amount of lubricating oil into the cutting area in the form of mist, which has the effect of lubricating and cooling cutting tools and workpieces. A small amount of lubricating oil can meet the lubrication requirements without wasting. The application of micro-lubrication technology (MQL) in metal cutting not only has significant economic and social benefits, but also significantly improves the environment.

The application of micro-lubrication processing has the following advantages: First, the micro-lubrication is suitable for higher processing speeds, and the processing quality of the workpiece can be improved under the condition of sufficient lubrication; second, the power of the micro-lubrication is compressed air, eliminating the need for machine tool coolant The circulation system reduces the purchase cost of the machine tool. Third, after the micro-lubrication replaces the cutting fluid, the purchase cost of the cutting fluid and the disposal cost of the waste fluid are eliminated, which will greatly save the cost for the enterprise. Fourth, the workpieces and chips after micro-lubrication processing are dry, and the next process can be carried out without cleaning, which improves production efficiency. Fifth, after the micro-lubrication replaces the cutting fluid, it prevents the environmental pollution caused by the discharge of the cutting fluid and the possible impact on the occupational health of the operators. Sixth, trace lubrication can effectively increase the life of cutting tools.

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