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Minimal lubrication technology that helps reduce operating costs

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In deep hole machining, the traditional lubrication method is mainly based on pouring cutting fluid and cutting oil lubrication. This method has a great impact on the processing environment, waste liquid treatment, and operator health. Therefore, this method is not sustainable.The traditional method not only greatly affects the production enterprise environment, but also increases manufacturing costs.

In many developed areas, micro-lubrication technology has been widely used in metal cutting.When cutting, apply enough lubrication between the cutting tool and the workpiece, and continue to supply a small amount of oil, which can meet the lubrication requirements without wasting lubricant.Such lubrication technology brings many benefits to enterprises, such as cost reduction, improvement of processing environment, improvement of processing efficiency, and improvement of surface quality of processed parts.

In the domestic market, micro-lubrication technology has also been widely used in the manufacturing process of auto parts, such as: crankshaft, connecting rod, box cover processing. The unique advantage of micro-lubrication is that it uses advanced atomization technology to obtain micron-level atomized particles, which are transported to the cutting point through spindles, drills, milling tools, taps and other equipment with internal cooling channels. Oil consumption is measured in ml/h (ml per hour), which greatly reduces processing and maintenance costs. Compared with the traditional processing lubrication method, it has obvious advantages, mainly because the oil mist can be micron level and has good permeability, so that there is good lubrication between the chips and the processing tools.

The advantages of micro lubrication are as follows:

The oil mist can penetrate to the friction point and play a good lubrication effect;

In deep hole machining, the compressed air flow rate can take away the cutting heat, and a large amount of cutting heat is taken away by the chips.

(3) The oil consumption is low, and the cutting friction points are always lubricated with an appropriate amount of reliable lubricating oil;

(4) The product is small in size and low in gas source consumption.
easy to use;

(5) Reduce machine tool operation and maintenance costs and machine tool manufacturing costs;

As the impact of cutting fluids on the environment has become increasingly prominent, and the requirements for energy conservation and environmental protection are increasing day by day, it is especially important to choose a suitable lubrication method. Minimal lubrication can help companies reduce operating costs.

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