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Minimal lubrication should be used for gear hobbing and cutting

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Traditional gear processing usually adopts wet cutting method.With the development of machine tools, tools, and materials, high production efficiency, high precision, energy saving, environmental protection, and low cost gear manufacturing have become a reality.American scientific research institutions began to study gear dry cutting technology, and after conducting research, this technology can be popularized and applied.In the application process, it was found that dry cutting gear processing requires high heat resistance and wear resistance of machine tools and tools, and the investment cost of gear processing enterprises is high.The dry cutting method is not practical for the existing gear processing equipment.However, existing gear processing enterprises are facing problems in improving processing efficiency, reducing production costs, and improving the environment.The micro-lubrication technology can not only replace the traditional cutting oil lubrication method in gear processing, but also has obvious advantages in processing efficiency, reducing production costs, and improving the environment.Gear hobbing abroad generally adopts the following technical route: increase the cutting speed, shorten the contact time between the cutting tool and the workpiece, and make the cutting heat take away by the chips.

The reason why the micro-lubrication technology can achieve good application effects in gear processing is that micro-lubrication uses ultra-fine oil mist particles to penetrate into the cutting area to provide a good lubricating oil film, inhibit the generation of cutting frictional heat, reduce cutting force, and improve The machining efficiency avoids the problem of micro-cracks caused by the repeated thermal shock of each tooth during the wet-cutting state of hobbing, which leads to the reduction of the life of the cutting tool.

The basic principle of gear hobbing: 3 nozzles are usually set to spray micron-level oil mist particles to the cutting area in gear processing. One nozzle keeps a certain distance and sprays oil mist lubrication on the rake face of the hob so that the hob enters the cutting area. There is an oil film at times, which can inhibit temperature rise, reduce hob wear, prevent adhesion, and improve workpiece processing quality and cutting tool life.

The case data of the micro-lubrication gear hobbing application site is as follows: the gear hobbing line speed is about 110m/min; the cost saving is more than 30
in conclusion:

In the process of hobbing, the capillary formed by the friction between the cutting edge-chip, cutting edge-workpiece is the main way for lubricating oil to penetrate.The mist particles formed by the micro-lubrication system have small diameter, high speed and good permeability, which can play a better lubrication effect.

The friction in the cutting process is one of the main factors that affect the cutting force. The ability of trace lubrication to effectively penetrate into the cutting area, and a good lubrication effect reduces the cutting force during the cutting process.

Compared with traditional cutting and dry cutting, micro-lubrication cutting can effectively control the process of cutting tool wear and extend the use time of cutting tools.

(4) It can be seen from the case data that the consumption of trace lubricating oil is very low.

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