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Metal cutting processing and manufacturing application of micro-lubrication technology

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Metal cutting is an important link in industrial activities and has been used in the production process long ago. The process of metal cutting is to use cutting tools to remove excess material from the surface of the workpiece to form parts with certain dimensional accuracy, shape accuracy and surface quality. Therefore, the quality of metal cutting directly determines whether the parts are qualified. A lot of content is involved in the metal cutting process, such as chip formation and deformation, cutting force, heat and cutting temperature generated by cutting, wear mechanism and life of cutting tools, vibration during cutting and surface quality of processed parts, etc. These contents are from All aspects affect the quality of the workpiece and the processing cost. Nowadays, with the development of the material industry, cutting tools adapted to various new materials are also emerging. Therefore, under the premise of ensuring cutting performance, it is important to reduce the cost of metal cutting and improve the cutting environment.
A large amount of lubricating coolants such as cutting oils and cutting fluids are used in traditional metal cutting. These lubricating coolants play a key role in metal cutting. On the one hand, they reduce the wear of cutting tools and take away a large amount of cutting. Heat protects the cutting tool and workpiece. However, the hazards caused by the large-scale use of lubricating coolants have become increasingly prominent. The high production costs, poor environment, high waste liquid disposal costs, and occupational diseases caused by operators have caused people to re-examine the application of lubricating coolants. <br /> &nbsp;&nbsp; The application of MQL to metal cutting processing is a new lubricating cooling method, which can reduce the processing cost and increase the processing efficiency, and it can also be applied to the processing of a variety of new materials. Due to the MQL technology The application environment has been improved. The essence of MQL processing is that there is always a thin oil film between the cutting tool and the workpiece, which reduces the friction between the cutting tool and the workpiece and reduces the wear of the cutting tool.
The main significance of the application of MQL in metal cutting lies in the following points: <br /> 1. Reduce the cost of machine tools and reduce the purchase cost;
2. No need to use a large amount of cooling and lubricating fluid, which can further reduce the processing cost;
3. The power of MQL is compressed air, and its energy consumption is much smaller than that of the cutting fluid circulation system;
4. The processing environment can be significantly improved;
5. The processing efficiency can become more High; <br /> 6. Occupational disease hazards can be eliminated.

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