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Maintenance skills of common failures of power windows

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  The power window system is composed of windows, window regulators, motors, relays, switches and other devices. Power windows are a very convenient design. Today, I will explain the common faults and maintenance techniques of power windows.

The power window system is composed of windows, window regulators, motors, relays, switches and other devices.The general power window system is equipped with two sets of control switches.One set on the dashboard or the driver’s door armrest is the main switch. The driver controls the lifting of each window.The other set is installed on each passenger door as a sub-switch, which can be manipulated by passengers.Generally, a disconnect switch is also installed on the main switch. If it is disconnected, the sub-switch will not work.

Power windows are very convenient to design at the toll booths of the parking lot or when you go to fast food restaurants to buy takeaways. Its mechanical devices are not complicated, and fuel supply is the main body of maintenance.However, since the mechanical device is located inside the door, the inner cover needs to be removed.The concealed screw for fixing the inner cover can be found inside the recess of the door handle.The device using gears and steel cables takes the arm fulcrum and the slider part as the refueling center.The underside of the inner cover is covered with waterproof plastic, so it is very important to restore it to its original shape.

The stain of the window glass not only affects the appearance, but also affects the field of vision. Excessive stains even affect the action of the electric window opening and closing.To prevent rainwater from flowing into the car, a rubber band is attached to the upper end of the window frame, which is also a place that often comes in contact with the glass.After the glass is stained, the friction with the rubber band will increase, and the switch will also be affected, so the glass must be kept clean at all times.

Electric opening and closing of the windows consumes a lot of power, and the sound of the engine may even change at the moment of activation in the slow state. Therefore, for cars with weak batteries, be careful not to open or close the windows at the same time.

1. The reason for the unsmooth action of the electric window opening and closing is mostly because the oil in the lift inside the door is exhausted, and the inner cover should be removed and added.

2. If the glass cannot operate at all, it may be a switch failure.If it is a failure of the switch, it can only be replaced.

3. If the electronic device does not operate, it is common sense to check the fuse.Check carefully which fuse is for power windows.

4. When the action of the switch becomes worse and the window cannot be opened smoothly, the possibility of the switch malfunction is high.

5. Before refueling the internal mechanical devices, first remove the inner cover.Just remove the concealed screws and the snap-action switch.

6. Remove the inner cover and peel off the waterproof plastic paper below to expose the lifting mechanism of the car window.

7. Spray grease on the arm fulcrum and the inside of the gear.While moving up and down, while spraying, very small parts can be painted.

8. The sliding parts supporting both ends of the glass also need to be checked.When the sliding condition between the glass and the heat conduction is poor, a brightener can be applied.

9. In order to make the glass slide smoothly, it is important to minimize the resistance.The staining of the glass will also become resistance, and the car windows should be kept clean.

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