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Learn the benefits of car air conditioning maintenance and cleaning

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The first door of the air conditioner is the air conditioner compartment. Does the car air conditioner compartment need to be cleaned or replaced in the hot summer? Experts suggest that although it is recommended that car owners generally replace the air conditioner during regular maintenance in the spring, if the wind of the car suddenly becomes less or noisy, or the air conditioner is not obvious, consider replacing the air conditioner. Grid.

There are many rainy seasons in spring and heavy rains in summer. Many dust, lint, leaves and other impurities with moisture will accumulate on the evaporator when passing through the air-conditioning grid. In addition to making the air-conditioning work poorly, this is also the cause of the peculiar smell in the car. To eliminate odors, on the one hand, you can spray a special antiseptic solution. On the other hand, the car owner should change the air-conditioning compartment once a year. When the above-mentioned air volume is small or the air-conditioning is turned on and the loud noise is made, it is necessary to consider The air conditioner compartment has been changed.

Experts remind: try to do “steam antivirus” in a regular auto beauty shop, this will cause damage to the air conditioning system, because the steam antivirus will produce a lot of moisture, and the moisture that is not discharged in time will cause damage to the circuit equipment.

Cleaning the evaporator

If the air conditioner compartment is not replaced for a long time and there is a small wind or peculiar smell, then the evaporator needs to be cleaned. Experts said that two kinds of syrups are often used in the cleaning process of air-conditioning compartments. One is a bactericide for the air-conditioning compartment, and the other can be used to remove the dust accumulated on the evaporator through ultrasonic atomization or high-pressure methods. Impurities such as hair and hair, these impurities will be discharged through the air conditioning drain after being atomized by ultrasound. After some cleaning, the air conditioner can work normally, and the clean cool breeze can be blown out again.

Experts remind: The evaporator is inconvenient to maintain and does not need to be cleaned frequently. Therefore, to ensure the normal use of the air conditioner, you need to pay attention to the cleaning and replacement of the air conditioner compartment. Generally, it is sterilized once a year or at the same time as the air conditioner compartment is changed.

Replace the refrigerant and dry bottle

As the refrigeration refrigerant (also known as “refrigerant”), when will it be replaced? Experts point out that most cars now use “environmental-friendly refrigerants”, which are usually replaced every 3 to 5 years, and the drying bottle used to filter impurities and moisture in the air conditioning pipeline is replaced every 3 years.

In addition, in accordance with international agreements, starting from the 1st of this month, China will stop production and no longer allow the use of R12 (Fryon) as a refrigerant. Most of the refrigerants currently used for refrigeration are environmentally friendly alternatives to R134a. Pan Zifan reminds car owners to pay attention because of the price of R134a. Slightly higher, so there are some mixed refrigerants with R12 on the market that are sold to car owners, which is not environmentally friendly and deceives consumers.

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