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How to keep your car clean and bright

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Coating simply means applying a liquid substance on the car paint to form a protective film to protect the paint surface. Manager He said that some common coated products can achieve the characteristics of glaze sealing, and some good coated products also have characteristics that are not available in glaze sealing. Good flexibility, can prevent the paint from cracking, and has super waterproof ability, can also enhance the transparency of the paint and 3 times the hardness of the paint.

coating technology entered the market in the second half of 2004. It is divided into organic silicon coating, glass fiber coating, physical coating, electrophoretic coating and so on. At that time, as a new type of car paint maintenance technology, the price of the coating was not unbelievable, and the cost was about 3,000 yuan. Since many car owners don’t understand coating technology and its price is relatively high, few car owners care about it. Two years have passed, the price of the coating has become cheaper, and the car owner also understands the characteristics of the coating, and the car owner takes the initiative to do it. Generally, the coating is finished at one time, and it takes 5 hours to coat the new car, which can achieve 3 years of protection; the old car takes 8 hours to keep it for 2 years. When washing the car, you must choose a neutral lotion; waxing once or twice a month; when coating the car, you must go to a professional auto service shop; the owner should not wash the car within *3 days after coating the car. In order to better protect the paint surface.

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