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How to choose oil

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Now there is a dazzling array of engine oil brands and models, all of which are known as internationally famous brands, and have passed the SAE certification of the United States and have been certified by a certain international automobile company. What fashionable nanotechnology, what imported international advanced dewaxing and hydrogenation equipment, what no oil change for 150,000 kilometers… Even in some areas in the south, a new engine oil brand will be born every day, and every car owner who cares about his vehicle will have it. Such a question, how to choose engine oil?

Experts from Volkswagen’s long-term engine oil manufacturer ROWE Lubricant Company gave a more detailed explanation for the majority of car owners: more than ten years ago, due to the low precision of automobile engine manufacturing and the low quality of engine oil, 10W/40 and 15W/40 are suitable. But with the advancement of automotive technology. Modern engines use electronic control fuel injection, catalytic converters, turbocharging, intercooling and other technologies. In particular, the engine designed with the latest technology has high manufacturing precision. The lower the viscosity of the engine oil, the lower the resistance, the easier it is to start, the lower the fuel consumption, and at the same time increase the inertia of the engine and reduce the operating noise of the engine. Therefore, under the premise of meeting the lubrication requirements, low-viscosity engine oil is now more and more recommended for the purpose of energy saving. Now, according to the use occasions and regional differences, the following recommendations can be roughly made:

The 4S shop is dark, and we are all scared when it is dark! ! These JS grasp the psychology of the new car driver, buy a new car and give you a replacement for free. What is this called? Teach you to recognize the way first, put a long line to catch a big fish, and then kill you twice and you will be back with everything. Do not believe? Do you think that the special price transparent motor oil on the market such as Shell and Mobil? Hey~~ Making transparent money is not called JS. The regular oil stores on the market usually have doors made by the manufacturers. The salesmen of the manufacturers come to visit every three days. There are definitely no fakes, so you can use it with peace of mind. The prices are fair, and there are often promotions with great discounts!

Do not listen to the propaganda to see the actual effect. Many engine oils advertise that there is no oil change for 50,000 kilometers, and there are 100,000 no oil changes. These are unbelievable! The so-called “30,000 kilometers without changing the oil, 50,000 kilometers will be overhauled.” And now nanotechnology is an emerging high-tech vocabulary. It seems that the products that are related to nano are international **, with amazing functions. Many manufacturers follow the trend and introduce the so-called nano motor oil. What is nano? Nanotechnology is an emerging technology that emerged in the 1990s. It is a brand-new technology for studying the laws and properties of the movement of electrons, atoms, and molecules in a space of 0.10 to 100 nanometers (that is, one billionth of a meter). If you say that the engine oil is nano-engine oil, I really dare not use it, because the engine is assembled and sealed with a cylinder gasket in the middle. Doesn’t the fine engine oil as much as one billionth of a meter leak under the high pressure in the engine? What’s more, it is nonsense to say that additives are nanotechnology, but base oils are not. The world’s more famous additive manufacturers such as Exxon, Derunbao and other companies have never produced nano-additives.

The choice of oil level should refer to the vehicle maintenance manual when the car leaves the factory, which clearly tells you what level of oil should be used in the car, as long as it is equal to or higher than the recommended level! Use the original factory loading oil. This choice should be correct, but we also need to understand a little bit about what loading oil is. Automobile factories do not have lubricating oil production plants, and the loading oil they use is basically produced by designated lubricating oil factories. For example, BMW uses Castrol engine oil, and Volkswagen uses ROWE engine oil. These original engine oils must meet the above grades.

Hope that through some explanations, the majority of car owners can learn more about the reference points when choosing oil.

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