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How to choose car lubricants

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For a car, the engine is its “heart”, and engine oil can be vividly called “blood”. Only high-quality and sufficient lubricating oil can carry us to any place we think of, or travel or work. So, how to choose car lubricants? Follow the editor to take a look.

Method / step

1, check the appearance

Car enthusiasts should know that good lubricants can enhance the power of the car and at the same time make the car more durable. Therefore, when selecting engine oil, you can identify its quality by observing its appearance. The high-quality ones look clear, transparent, free of debris and suspended particles. Shake it with your hand, it should have better fluidity. But inferior ones look turbid, and you may be able to see the impurities inside. Some of them may be darker in color, and give off a pungent or strong smell. This kind of oil also damages the engine more, so be careful. Oh.

2. Packaging

The outer packaging of lubricating oil will actually tell you its quality. The good quality oil seal is a disposable cover. The gap will be sealed with tin foil. At the same time, the manufacturer’s name will be printed on the tin foil. Use this The quality is more assured, and the engine can be better protected and wear is reduced. Inferior products generally do not have such a seal.

3, viscosity with engine

Secondly, the viscosity of the lubricating oil used in the car will be different, so you should choose the appropriate oil according to your own car. For the new engine, you can choose a lower viscosity, because it is just in the running-in period and does not require much power. So, what kind of car should I choose for a long-running and severely worn-out car? It is recommended to choose one with a large viscosity to maintain the oil pressure used and to ensure its normal lubrication.

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