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High-speed machine tool bearing lubrication selection Doppy

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The use of intelligent machine tools is bound to become a trend in the metal processing industry. Higher production efficiency and better processing quality require higher and more stable spindle speed, and the increase of spindle speed puts higher requirements on the lubrication of bearings.

Doppel has been committed to the research of micro-lubrication for many years, applying oil-air lubrication technology to the lubrication and cooling of electric spindle bearings, and has provided oil-air lubrication devices for many imported and domestic brand electric spindle manufacturers. Doppel’s products include the Vapor 4 oil-air lubrication device for high-end electric spindles with complete detection functions and the Sptoer oil-air lubrication device for economical electric spindles.

The Vapor 4 oil-air lubrication system is developing a new lubrication concept. Its high-efficiency, accurate, stable, and environmentally-friendly lubrication method will provide reliable lubrication and cooling for high-speed bearings.

The lubrication point of the Vapor 4 oil-air lubrication system is modular, which can freely realize the independent oil supply of 1-8 points, and each point can independently monitor the oil condition, and once the oil is not found, an alarm will be output. Every point of the Vapor 4 oil-air lubrication system can realize a single oil supply adjustment of 1.80-39.0mm3. Combined with the oil supply cycle of 1 second to 99 minutes and 59 seconds, the oil quantity required by any bearing can be adjusted.

The Vapor 4 oil-air lubrication system is fully electronically controlled, and parameters can be set quickly. The system has a built-in air pressure sensor to accurately know the oil and gas pressure. High and low pressure alarms can quickly find out whether oil and gas pipelines are malfunctioning. The low liquid level alarm output enables the operator to discover the consumption of lubricant in time. The automatic initialization procedure allows the system to quickly enter the working state.

Weipu 4 is specially developed by the Doppy team combined with application experience for the use of oil-air lubrication for high-speed electric spindles. Its outstanding advantage is that it solves the shortcomings of imported products. The micro pump only feeds oil at the set time node, which reduces the compression time of the micro pump and improves the operating life of the core components and the stability and reliability of the system.

Sputul’s oil-air lubrication device adopts metered micro-lubrication technology, and low-cost investment. It can not only replace the cutting fluid system for quasi-dry machining of ordinary machine tools, but also provide oil and gas lubrication for electric spindle bearings to obtain better lubrication effect and higher speed.

Sputul’s oil-air lubrication system can achieve 1-8 separate lubrication points, and the oil volume can be adjusted point by point. The oil output range of each point is 1.80-39.0mm3, which is easy to adjust. The frequency generator supplies oil in a fixed period to ensure the independent control of the oil supply. Sputul’s oil-air lubrication system has a detection alarm output function for the air source, and an alarm output can be output when the air source pressure is low. In addition, the oil and gas outlet of the system has an oil and gas filtration accuracy of 3 microns to ensure the cleanliness of the lubricant.

The Vapor 4 and Sputul oil-air lubrication devices are powered by compressed air, and the device body has fewer moving parts, which can effectively avoid equipment wear and improve the durability of the device while providing accurate lubrication for the main shaft. The clean oil and gas will ensure that the bearing cavity is under positive pressure, so that external dust cannot enter the bearing and increase the service life of the bearing.

Sputul is specially developed for electric spindles that require high efficiency and low cost investment. The economics of the products will bring greater value to customers.

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