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Give full play to the distribution channels of auto parts companies

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Through the development of wholesale business, the auto parts company’s role as a reservoir of circulation channels is promoted to promote the formation of a hierarchical sales network in the auto parts market. Social outlets are mostly small-scale operations, and are restricted by storage conditions and the variety of models and varieties of repair parts. They always hope to obtain small-batch and multi-batch purchase resources from local wholesale companies. In the past two years, our company has maintained a certain share to carry out wholesale business to social outlets. The normal operation of some outlets has been fostered, and the company’s main channel sales market share and market coverage have been increased. Promote the formation of a hierarchical network of auto repair parts market.

In order to further play the role of the reservoir of the main circulation channel, enhance the ability to control the market, ensure supply and sales, and facilitate market management, we summarize the work of the previous stage. In response to these situations, we will focus on market mechanisms in our actual work. , Explore a reasonable balance between the supply and demand of auto parts, establish a supply and demand mechanism suitable for the market economy and its own characteristics, and put forward the following suggestions: Set up a leading group for clean-up and rectification. The auto parts sales industry is entrusted by the government to be responsible for the relevant departments, and the industrial and commercial administration, price management and other departments have been established to participate in the leading group and formulate rectification regulations. Re-examine the business qualifications. Strictly follow the relevant rectification regulations to re-examine the business qualifications of auto parts business units. Regardless of the main or concurrent business units, regardless of their affiliation and economic form, all the original business licenses that have auto parts business content must be designated to clean up. Reorganize registration. First, to regain business qualifications, it is necessary to have business sites and facilities that are compatible with the operation of livestock enclosures and business methods, and potatoes have funds that are commensurate with the scale of business, employees and qualified professional and technical personnel, such as quality inspectors and price member.

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