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Exhaust gas treatment equipment manufactured by Shanghai Automobile? Exhaust gas treatment equipment of automobile production workshop

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There are 3 types of motorcycle paint parts: steel parts, glass steel parts and plastic parts.Plastic parts mainly include: luggage, guards, etc.Plastic parts are mainly made of ABS moulding. In the moulding process of motorcycle plastic parts, silicone oil and stearic acid are often used as a release agent for easy demolding. The release agent and other harmful substances on the surface should be removed before spraying.The spray paint process is: organic spray degreasing, reflective paint spray, transparent paint spray, finishing, decals, finishing and drying.According to the above description, the exhaust gas treatment of motorcycle plastic parts painting adopts the activated carbon adsorption and catalytic combustion process.

Principles of exhaust gas purification

The use of the microporous adsorption characteristics of activated carbon to adsorb organic waste gas is the most effective industrial treatment method.Honeycomb activated carbon has the advantages of stable performance, corrosion resistance and resistance to high-speed airflow. The adsorption of organic waste gas can make the purification efficiency up to 90% or more. After the activated carbon is saturated, it can be regenerated by hot air desorption.After regeneration, activated carbon is put into use again. By controlling the desorption process, the concentration of organic waste gas can be concentrated by 5-10 times. The desorption gas flow is heated to about 300℃ by the burner device of the catalytic bed, and it is ignited under the action of the catalyst. The process of catalytic combustion Purification efficiency can reach more than 97%. After combustion, CO2 and H2O are generated and a large amount of heat is released. Part of the heat is used to heat the desorbed high-concentration exhaust gas through the heat exchanger in the catalytic combustion bed, and the other part heats the outdoor gas. Air is used as activated carbon desorption gas. Generally, the burner must be started for about 1 hour to achieve the desorption-catalytic combustion self-balance process.

After reaching the thermal balance, the electric heating device can be turned off. At this time, the regeneration treatment system relies on the organic solvent in the exhaust gas as fuel, so that the regeneration process reaches a self-balanced cycle without additional energy, which greatly reduces energy consumption and no secondary pollution. , The whole set of adsorption and catalytic burnup process is automatically controlled by PLC.

Technical characteristics

1. Adopting the combined process of adsorption and concentration + catalytic combustion, the whole system realizes the closed cycle of purification and desorption process. Compared with the recovery type organic waste gas purification device, it does not need to be equipped with additional energy such as compressed air, and the operation process does not produce secondary pollution. Low investment and operating costs;

2. Use specially formed honeycomb activated carbon as the adsorption material. Since its specific gravity is 8-10 times that of strip activated carbon, the organic solvent can be adsorbed to 25% of the total weight of activated carbon before regeneration, which has a long service life and low operation resistance of the adsorption system. , Features such as high purification efficiency;

3. Using high-quality precious metals palladium and platinum as catalysts supported on honeycomb ceramics, the catalytic combustion rate is over 97%, the catalyst life is long, the decomposition temperature is low, the desorption preheating time is short, and the energy consumption is low;

4. Using a microcomputer centralized control system, the equipment operation and operation process are fully automated, and the operation process is safe, stable and reliable;

5. The paint mist filter is used in front of the activated carbon adsorption bed to filter small particles, which has high purification efficiency and ensures the service life of the adsorption device.

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