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Detailed explanation of dehumidification methods for summer car maintenance strategy

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When the air is humid “returning to the southern sky”, the work of turning on the air-conditioner to dehumidify and dehumidify should be done now. When the air in the car is humid, the air-conditioner should be turned on to not only remove the mist, but also to dehumidify. The car air conditioner can adjust the temperature of the car compartment and can effectively remove the moisture in the car compartment.

Action secret: Every time the car is started, the car’s air conditioner is turned on and the doors and windows are opened. This principle is the same as turning on the air conditioner before driving in the summer. It can not only quickly circulate the air in the car, but also quickly dehumidify.

2. Waxing, put on “invisible coat” for your car

You don’t need to put on a “coat” for your car, but you have to wear an “invisible garment”. Waxing in spring is equivalent to putting on a “invisible coat” for your car, which can effectively prevent the paint from fading and aging.

Action secret: At present, there are many types of car wax on the market, and the choice of car wax must be cautious; improper selection will not only not protect the car body, but will cause the car paint to change color. It should be considered comprehensively according to the function characteristics of the car wax, the degree of newness of the car, the color of the car paint, and the driving environment.

For high-end cars, you can choose high-end car wax; for ordinary cars, you can use ordinary pearl color or metallic paint series car wax; for new cars, it is best to apply light wax to protect the gloss and color of the car body; when the driving environment is poor, It is more appropriate to use resin wax with outstanding protective effect.

Of course, when choosing car wax, you must also consider the color of the car paint. Generally, dark car paints use black, red, and green series car waxes, and light-colored car paints use silver, white, and pearl series car waxes.

Three, professional disinfection

Turning on the air-conditioning frequently can enhance the air circulation in the car and improve the air environment in the car. However, timely professional car care is also necessary. You can clean up the usual sanitary corners such as the air outlets of the car interior and the corners of the seats. .

Action secret: *Well, go to a professional car beauty shop to clean up the car. Use steam, ultraviolet, photocatalyst and other high-temperature disinfection methods to make the car interior dry and clean.

4. Chassis armor protects the “bottom plate” of the car

Flush the chassis at least once after the spring, and use high-pressure water to repeatedly wash the girder, drive shaft, steering arm, mudguard and other parts. After the car passes through the muddy road, sludge is particularly likely to accumulate in the underside of the vehicle. You should always check and clean the door and the drainage hole on the underside of the vehicle. In particular, clean the underside of the vehicle in time to eliminate moisture. After buying a new car, it is best to do anti-rust treatment, which can not only prevent sand and stone impact, but also resist acid rain and corrosion.

Action secret: the new car can be made into a “chassis armor”: the first process is to clean the chassis of the car, rinse the surface with a high-pressure water gun, dry it, and then dry it with a hair dryer; the second process is to forcefully remove oil, rust, and then Use newspaper or plastic paper to cover the parts (exhaust pipe, underside of the door, etc.) of the car body that are easy to be painted; the third process is spraying.

The spraying must be even, spray at least 3 times, with an interval of about 15 minutes between each pass to make the paint dry. Generally, the effect of chassis armor coating is about 2 mm thick. In addition to “chassis armor”, there is also a lower cost and more convenient spray-anti-rust spray. This kind of spraying thickness is relatively thin, generally about 0.3 mm, mainly used for rust prevention and noise reduction, and can spray all parts of the chassis except the exhaust pipe.

5. Desiccant, bamboo charcoal, essential

In order to prevent the car from suffering from “rheumatism”, the owner can prepare a few more dehumidifiers or dehumidifier boxes in the compartment or the back luggage compartment where moisture is easy to accumulate, and pay attention to regular inspection and replacement, and dehumidify the car. Moisture-proof.

Action tips: When you don’t use the car, you can use desiccant to replace the air conditioner to dehumidify. It is better to buy a simple dehumidification box and place it in the corners, so that the internal parts of the car will not be susceptible to moisture after overnight. Lime and bamboo charcoal also have the function of dehumidification. In addition, rolling old newspapers into a bundle and placing them on the front and rear foot pads or in the trunk also has the same dehumidification effect.

6. “Sunbathe” for your car

Sunlight contains ultraviolet, infrared and visible light. Like people, cars also like to sunbathe, especially in the rainy and humid seasons. The sun-heated car body will quickly remove the water vapor accumulated inside.

Action Tips: The weather turns fine, take the time to sunbathe your car. In addition, car carpets, cushions and other cotton and linen products are more susceptible to damp and mildew, and breed bacteria. Therefore, it is best for car owners to dry these items or replace them regularly.

You can also choose a sunny day and try to clean the interior of the car with a neutral detergent, open all doors and windows, and use sunlight and ventilation to achieve the disinfection effect.

Seven, paint peeling and repair in time

After the paint and protective layer on the bottom and outside of the car are peeled off, it may rust in the rain, and the humid air can easily accelerate the “lesions” of the damaged parts of the car paint. Therefore, if your car has “trauma”, it is best to deal with it as soon as possible.

Action Tips: Find a dry weather, do a comprehensive physical examination for your car, repair body scratches and injuries, which will play a very important role in protecting your car.

8. Car audio is often used

During the humid air season, the various chips of the car audio system “change” to be quite delicate, and the humid air* tends to corrode them.

Action secret: *Good to be able to turn on the audio every time you drive and let it work, so as to reduce the erosion of the humid air on the audio system.

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