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Common sense of car tire maintenance

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The rate of punctured tires in various traffic accidents is really high, and aging tires must be inspected and replaced in time.

The main material of tires is rubber, and rubber products have a certain service life. Therefore, in order to avoid accidents caused by tire aging, it is recommended that car owners still need to check the tires of their cars frequently and be clear about the production date of the tires. I have a bottom in my heart. At the same time, it is necessary to check the wheel alignment in time to find out the cause of irregular tire wear.

Tyres must be checked frequently, especially if the road conditions of car owners are relatively bad for a long time. This work is very important and cannot be ignored. After all, poor driving conditions have a serious impact on the life of tires. When you find that the tire is gradually hardening, aging, cracking, etc., you should change the tire without hesitation, especially if there are protrusions like bubbles, it means that the structural layer has broken and cannot withstand the tire pressure. And blisters, tire punctures can happen at any time.

In addition to puncture accidents caused by tire aging, incorrect tire pressure is also an important cause of puncture. Therefore, car owners should also develop a good habit of checking the tire pressure by themselves. In addition, it is recommended that car owners equip themselves with a simple tire pressure gauge, and check the tire pressure of 4 tires every 1 month, so that the owner can have a good idea in his heart. . The attention and maintenance of the spare tire is also very important, otherwise it will not be able to cope with emergencies.

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