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Changing car tires is essential

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As the “foot” of a car, the tire is a very important component, but many car owners are very concerned about the price of the tire. I always like to buy cheap ones and wear-resistant ones. It seems that you will suffer a big loss if you don’t do this. In fact, the car owner himself is the one who suffers after arriving.

Most car owners would think that it is nothing more than a black rubber ring, whether it is used for agricultural tractors or F1 racing cars, it seems to be the same. But the difference between a cheap tire and a high-performance tire is really not smaller than the difference between Xiali and Ferrari. Take the cheap and wear-resistant tires that many car owners pursue. According to the positioning of the product, this level of tires are mainly supplied to the taxi market. In order to highlight the price and wear-resistant advantages, almost all other properties have been abandoned.

If you put a set of cheap tires on your car with hundreds of thousands of dollars, you need fuel economy but not fuel economy, you want to be silent and not silent, and you want to grip without grip. Isn’t this a waste of money? Is it hundreds of thousands of dollars to buy a car? With such tires, no matter how comfortable and quiet your car is, how powerful and tricky it is, it becomes empty talk. Tires are the best way to communicate between vehicles and roads. If tires are not good, there is no way to talk about the performance of any vehicle.

The performance difference between each tire product is particularly obvious. I remember that not long after the new car landed at the time, I eagerly replaced an original tire that was famous for its durability in the original equipment industry, and replaced it with the Michelin MXV8, which was just launched at that time, with its unique quietness and durability. The oil design was very prominent at the time. During the running-in phase of the new car, this coincided with my needs. But the good times didn’t last long. In less than a few months, because I was not careful enough, the tyre was nailed but I couldn’t find it in time, so I drove a few more kilometers, and one rear wheel was useless.

I didn’t know what to think at the time. I was probably worried that just changing a rear wheel might wear out differently from the other tires. In the final analysis, I wanted to try other tires because I had a new car, so I just left three good tires. After processing it, I replaced it with Goodyear’s eagleF1. This symmetrical pattern of sports tires performed extremely extreme. It is impossible to talk about quietness, comfort, nothing, and fuel-saving. But the grip of this tire is exceptionally strong, especially the performance on wet ground! When using it, even if it was raining heavily and there was stagnant water everywhere, I dared to rush through the stagnant water on the highway much faster than other cars. The powerful symmetrical herringbone pattern instantly teared the water film, and the stability was first-rate!

All in all, when you are bored with your dull driving experience for years, changing your tires will make you feel better. The performance index of tires is not only the wear resistance index.

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