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Analysis of precautions for tire maintenance

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When installing the inner tube correctly, be careful not to bring sand, granular hard objects and oily foreign matter into the tire. *It is better to apply a layer of light wax or talcum powder on the inner wall of the outer tube and the surface of the inner tube to reduce Small friction prevents the inner tube from being scratched. When the inner tube is installed and inflated, hit the tread with a hammer while inflating, so that the bead and the rim are tightly connected. In addition, the inner tube valve must be aligned with the valve hole on the steel ring to prevent the inner tube from tearing.

Inflate according to the prescribed air pressure. If the tire pressure is too high, the contact area with the ground will decrease, the tread is easy to wear, the cushioning force of the tire is weakened, and the vibration is aggravated. In the event of a large collision, it may even cause a puncture. If the air pressure is too low, the tire is easily deformed, the rolling resistance increases, the tire cord is easily delaminated or broken, and the tire is also prone to heat and aging.

Period shifting The tires are shifted regularly according to the regulations to prevent eccentric wear of the tires, and the spare tire must also participate in the shifting.

Keep the tires clean. Avoid contact with oil, alkali, acid and other substances. Always wash the dirt on the tires to keep the tires clean.

Do a good job of on-board maintenance. The maintenance of tires should be carried out on-board. After the locomotive has been working for a period of time, check the tire pressure and temperature. Before leaving the car, check the appearance of the rim, the condition of the valve and the necessary tire repair tools.

The load should be moderate. Do not increase the load weight at will. When the load exceeds the maximum bearing capacity of the tire, the service life of the tire will be shortened.

Starting, shifting and braking too hard will not only aggravate the deformation of the carcass, but also cause violent friction between the tread and the ground, especially when the road conditions are poor.

Do not use cold water to cool the tires. When the tires are overheated during driving, do not pour cold water on the tires to cool down, otherwise the tires will be easily damaged. The correct approach is to park the locomotive in a cool place to cool it down naturally.

Prevent long-term sun and rain. Long-term exposure to sun and rain will accelerate tire deterioration. When parking for a long time, you should park the vehicle in a dry, cool garage, and use wooden stakes or brackets to support the frame to keep the tires off the ground.

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