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Analysis of Factors Affecting the Performance of Electric Spindle

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High running speed is one of the characteristics of the electric spindle, and good lubrication of the bearing is an important indicator to ensure its normal operation. Therefore, matching a suitable electric spindle lubrication system is very important. <br />The lubrication-related factor that affects the running accuracy of the electro-spindle is the heating of the electro-spindle. The internal heat source of the electric spindle comes from two aspects: 1. The heating of the spindle bearing; 2. The heating of the built-in motor of the electric spindle. <br /> &nbsp;To solve the problem of motor heating, it is necessary to cool the motor stator, which can be achieved by circulating water cooling to take away the heat of the motor; to solve the problem of spindle bearing heating, it is necessary to take away the heat generated by the bearing operation in time. Traditional thin oil lubrication is to transport a large amount of lubricating oil to achieve intrusive lubrication. At the same time, the lubricating oil takes away the heat. This kind of lubrication method has disadvantages. First, it wastes a lot of lubricating oil. Second, the friction between the lubricating oil molecules and the pipeline during the cycle of lubricating oil generates a lot of circulating heat, which causes the oil temperature to rise. At this time, the lubricating oil Not only can it not have a good cooling effect, but it will also cause the temperature of the bearing to rise, which is not conducive to the performance of the spindle bearing. Therefore, eliminating the generation of frictional heat between molecules in the liquid becomes the key to solving the problem. Practice has shown that <strong>oil-air lubrication</strong> can fundamentally avoid this situation. First of all, oil-air lubrication provides a small amount of lubricating oil to meet the amount of lubricating oil required by the bearing. Secondly, oil-air lubrication will not produce heat due to friction of lubricating oil molecules, and at the same time, clean compressed air will take away the heat generated by the bearing and keep the spindle running at a stable temperature. This can effectively solve the problem of thermal deformation caused by temperature rise. <br /> Doppel has been committed to the research of electric spindle oil-air lubrication for many years. It has mature oil-air lubrication products and rich application experience, which will bring greater value to customers. <br /> Doppel’s <strong>electric spindle oil-air lubrication</strong> has the following advantages: <br /> 1.&nbsp; A positive pressure environment can be obtained in the bearing chamber of the electric spindle to prevent the intrusion of external impurities. <br /> 2.&nbsp; Compressed air can have a good cooling effect on the bearing. <br /> 3.&nbsp; 1-8 independent lubrication points, reliable monitoring of the oil supply of each lubrication point. <br /> 4. The consumption of lubricating oil is controlled by precise metering, so the consumption is very low. <br /> 5.&nbsp; &nbsp;Modular structure, can increase or decrease module components according to the number of lubrication points, realize multi-point combination;<br /> 6.&nbsp; Complete electronic program control, quick setting through convenient man-machine interface ;<br /> 7.&nbsp; <strong>Oil-air lubrication</strong> The equipment is easy to operate and use, and the maintenance cost is low. <br /> <strong>Doppel</strong>Electric spindle <strong>oil-air lubrication</strong> device has: precise oil supply, parameterized operation, simple operation, the system realizes the output of liquid level, air source pressure, and flow rate Monitoring. At present, it has been used as a supporting tool for many home appliance spindle manufacturers. <br />

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