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Analysis of data upgrade of auto parts

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The original background database operation and foreground-oriented software are both FoxBase, and the windows of the foreground operation are compiled with FoxBase programs. If you want to expand the content of the window and change the window form, you must make major changes in the program, but in today’s flexible business changes , It is undoubtedly a big problem to frequently modify the contents of the foreground window. Once again, when looking for an auto part, it may not be accurately found. It takes a lot of time to turn pages. The above three points indicate that it is necessary to upgrade the front-end operation interface. Should it be replaced by database software with a good front-end operation interface or new front-end operation software? Choosing the former is to rebuild the database, reprogram, and start over; to choose the latter is to increase the front-end operation interface software, and modify and upgrade on the original basis. Considering the stability and continuity of management, the latter should be chosen.

An application system has the concept of front-end and back-end exchange. I can write the front end of the application in VB, responsible for the exchange with users. With this program, you can select data items in the database and display them according to the requirements I set. FoxBase database management system itself, as a back-end system, provides the data needed for front-end access.

I call the front-end VB application the front-end system, and the back-end database software as the back-end system. For the back-end system, in order to meet the needs of function expansion, many databases and index files need to be added, mainly including plan database, plan change database, accounts receivable database, accounts payable database, inventory analysis database, loss database, and employee operation flow. The database, input tax database, and consumption tax database are not listed in detail here.

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