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Analysis of cleaning up the auto parts market

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Rectifying the auto parts market and eliminating counterfeit auto parts is an urgent matter. In addition to the efforts of relevant departments to increase crackdowns, the top priority is to standardize the production, sales, and use of auto parts. First of all, the production of auto parts must take the road of specialization and economies of scale. Units and individuals that do not have the production capacity and technical strength shall not be involved in the production of auto parts; the sales of auto parts must be mainly franchised, and the best way is to Only after the host manufacturer’s identification can we operate, and we must give full play to the advantages of large units, benefit from scale, and don’t allow small operators to fish in trouble; the third is to avoid short-term behavior and corrupt behavior of users, and to avoid short-term behaviors. Focus on education and guidance, and severely punished corruption.

It is not only the government’s responsibility to eliminate fake and inferior auto parts. The market economy is a legal economy, and the market economy also calls for moral self-discipline. As producers, distributors, and consumers, they should enhance their policy awareness, legal awareness, and public morality, and regulate their own behavior, so that they do not produce, sell, buy, or use, so that counterfeit auto parts lose their existence. . For enterprises that fail to pass the supervision and random inspections, if they are perfunctory, ineffective in rectification, and the maintenance quality is still unqualified, once verified, they must be strictly and quickly investigated and exposed to the society. All district and county technical supervision bureaus, municipal technical supervision and inspection offices, and technical supervision quality inspection institutes and stations, during quality supervision or quality follow-up inspection, if any violation of the above regulations is found, they shall be stopped immediately and reported at the same time.

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